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Might the COVID Omicron Variant be a Gift to the World in Disguise?

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

If you’ve been vaccinated but never infected and more than 3 months have passed, your chances of contracting COVID are high and rising daily, due to waning protection* of the “vaccine”. But there might be some very good news coming, and it’s not your Booster.

When I first wrote about the COVID Omicron variant back on Dec 3, I said:

Don’t rule out good luck with the Omicron variant: if it is a mild strain that is highly infectious, then it will serve as the best possible vaccination, and could end this pandemic by basically turning into the common cold (another coronavirus). But its mildness or strength is as yet unknown.

Here 8 days later, it looks increasingly like the Omicron variant might indeed be the magic bullet that ends this pandemic. Still too early to bank on it, but assuming the authorities do not engage in the usual misrepresentation, we should have a pretty good handle on the seriousness of Omicron in another two weeks. Because it takes 3-4 weeks to see what infections do to large numbers of infected. My guess is that the very weak/infirm will still be at some (lower) risk.

Follow-the-money means a good chance that fear-mongering will win out, and that we will vaccinate against the vaccine (Omicron), which could be a deadly mistake of epic proportions (replacing robust immunity from Omicron with half-assed short-lived marginal vaccine-based protection).

BTW, isn’t mental health also health, one that drives all other aspects of health? The government/media have engaged in unrelenting COVID terrorism, causing massive problems over and above the economic cluster bombing of tens of millions of Americans.

For the idiots and children and NPC’s in the audience: I am not suggesting that the elderly and high-risk crowd take chances—probably wise to get your booster or two—in for a penny, in for a pound. I suggested that to my own mother and father... a point hardly worth mentioning, but again, I have to say it for idiots and children who are binary thinkers, unable to understand more than "for" or "against", an opinion assigned to them by their team.

Nor am I suggesting we should assume that Omicron is going to turn out as mild as we hope. Indeed, for the elderly and weak, it may still prove deadly (vaccinated or not). So planning and research should proceed, as no one yet knows what will happen.

I am saying that those who have been vaccinated and those with natural immunity* and the young and healthy yet to be infected... all of YOU might want to check your premises because contracting the COVID Omicron variant could turn out to be the optimal outcome. One that gives you the longlasting benefits and superior protection of natural immunity, at low risk. Don’t take my advice either way—you have to weigh unknown risks against unknown risks, so do your best for your own particular situation.

You live in this world being infected with all sorts of pathogens that can harm or kill you. COVID kills people, but so does RSV (kills more children than COVID), influenza, and so on. And what really ends up killing massive numbers of people is their lifestyle of eating garbage and failing to exercise and especially with COVID, being obese. COVID is a non-event compared to those bad life choices. Indeed, many of what passes for COVID deaths surely stem from that lifestyle!

That vaccination is short-lived and only marginally protective after just a few months should be evident to anyone who can fog a mirror, and that’s why 100% vaccination rates will never stop this epidemic, Indeed, it sure looks like a pandemic of the vaccinated now. That’s why you need your Booster. Big Pharma loves y'all.

Less obvious to most (due to government/news/Big Tech psy-ops campaigns) is that natural immunity by all scientific evidence is much longer lived and much more protective. This is why propagandists at the FDA/CDC/“news”, etc all avoid discussion or even mention of it. Natural immunity flatly contradicts the narrative, with all the talking heads denying not just its importance, but its existence (by failing to discuss it at all, a lie of omission). But to acknowledge how wonderful natural immunity is, is to give up power and profit. And then all these psychopaths would have to retreat into the swamp from whence they emerged two years ago.

* Having about 20-month-old natural immunity... COVID has not touched me, even after my double-vaxxed and rarely-sick wife with no medical issues got COVID 3.5 months after, and my young extremely healthy daughter got COVID 9 days after her first Pfizer jab. I took no precautions with either, nor did we mask-up in our house.

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