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The Callous and Reckless Destruction of Health by Ignorant and Reckless Big Medicine Doctors

re: cholesterol
re: statin
re: atherosclerosis

re: Michael Eades MD: Cholesterol and Statin Deceptions, Medical Stupidity and Fraud

My wife’s doctor prescribed her a statin because her total cholesterol was a little high (just).

  • There is zero evidence that statins have a benefit for women. All risk no upside.
  • Serious side effects and risks abound. For starters, diabetes risk triples.
  • Higher cholesterol is associated with decreased mortality the older you get, and particularly so for women. She is not young.

Having had a suitable level of anxiety created by this crackpot doctor who medicalized her otherwise excellent health via overdiagnosis, my wife had a CT heart calcium scan with a score of zero. You cannot score any better than that. It means no atherosclerosis, at least not in the key arteries. None detectable. That scan was after the prescription for the poison (statin). What in God’s name happened to “first, do no harm”?

The doctor offered no risk/benefit discussion. None.

Otherwise in excellent health, my wife is pre-diabetic (stems from pregnancy years ago), and this fucking asshole doctor never mentioned the risk of diabetes from statins. Yet diabetes is a miserable disease a thousand times worse than a slightly elevated cholesterol level which at worst is not a negative, being “elevated” only because crackpot “experts” (medical crooks) keeping dialing down the cutoff, for which absolutely no causal evidence even exists vs atherosclerosis. Indeed just as many people die of heart attacks with low cholesterol.

This doctor thus prescribed her a dangerous drug with numerous potential side effects for NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER. That doctor and all her feckless callous irresponsible ilk ought to be banned from practicing medicine in any way shape or form. Because they are too fucking lazy or timid to do the right thing. Fuck them and their “me and my job first, patient last” callous disregard for their patients.

Yeah, it’s personal. These assholes wanted to damage my wife, just to check the box of “standard of care”. Multiply my wife’s case by 300 million and that’s the scale of it.

I have come to believe from a lifetime of experience, that most doctors, being beyond incompetent at statistics, having close to nil training to critically assess studies*, are just as unqualified to make any risk assessments at all—a table with no legs to stand on.

Big Medicine has become a processing plant where sheep go to be fleeced and maybe turned into lamb chops. Today, only children and idiots trust doctors employed by big medical organizations, because only doctors unable or unwilling to think for themselves could possibly tolerate such an intellectually denigrating environment. Though I cannot rule out other more venal explanations.

This personal example is just one cube on top of the tip of the iceberg. If you need more evidence, just read up on the staggering level of human suffering from poor health that keeps getting worse, or the 3rd leading cause of death.

The medical industry has turned itself into one of the most disreputable professions around. Which is only natural when no free market exists to weed out the worst practices. Only a wholesale change in regulation and motives could even begin to steer this ship differently, yet the opposite is happening. You are on your own for finding health.

* Memorize, memorize, memorize—don’t think critically about it. And the #1 source of medical “facts” that doctors rely upon is that provided by Big Pharma drug company reps citing follow the money studies. Backstopped by the CDC/FDA... same thing.

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