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COVID-19 Vaccines Safety and Effectiveness: Gaslighting and Pysops with Scientific Basis of a Logical Fallacy

re: ethics in medicine
re: follow the money
re: psyop and gaslighting and mass hysteria

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

re: How to Know You Triggered Your Critic Into Cognitive Dissonance, Save Yourself Time in Emails, etc

Apparently it is now safe, even as a government official, to now speak the truth one has always known (see the quote).

The Epoch Times: COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause ‘Permanent Disabilities,’ Says German Health Minister VACCINES

2023-03-16. Emphasis added.

Germany’s Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, who once claimed that COVID-19 vaccination is free of side effects, admitted last week that he was wrong, saying adverse reactions occur at a rate of one in 10,000 doses and can cause “severe disabilities.”


WIND: how many serious injuries? Will we ever know? Three years of suppression (see below) and the destruction of control groups leaves ample room for explaining-away things.

When it comes to government, guilt should be assumed, until proven innocent. History shows that no rational person can assume otherwise.

But the numbers are a sideshow, because when government force is used (aggressive coercion up to and including de facto home arrest as in many countries)... that should be considered by any ethical person for what it is: medical battery.

The 'violent woke' pieces of shit at my disgusting alma mater Stanford University did not and do not care about your life or health. In such an environment of psyops and gaslighting and venemous hostility, anyone who claims the Jab is “safe and effective” is out of touch with reality.

Medical science too often rests on logical fallacy

I know from personal experience that doctors do NOT report even SERIOUS life-changing events eg my nerve damage from Metronidazole, from which I still suffer 8 years later. Panicked emails from readers around the world suffering the same fate proved to me that I was hardly an outlier.

The COVID jab “safe and effective” claim is a gaslighting psyop based on a logical fallacy: absence of proof is proof of absence, which rests on making minimal (if any) efforts to look for issues, falsifying or not collecting the data, ignoring or dismissing it as coincidence when found, and most effective of all: harrasing/firing/intimidating those who dare to raise issues. And with disbanded control groups, plausible deniability is now the “science”.

How would we know how many Jab injuries, when looking for / reporting them was/is grounds for personal destruction?

* psyop = psychological operation eg the shit that the CIA does to influence the public, and now here domestically since it became legal again under Obama.

Physician Assistant Fired for Reporting COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events to VAERS

2023-03-18. Emphasis added.

For her efforts to report injuries to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and to educate others in her hospital system on doing the same, Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad said she was labeled an anti-vaxxer and fired from her job.

...“I was then told that by doing VAERS reports and even discussing VAERS that it was an admission that the vaccines were unsafe, so it’s contributing to vaccine hesitancy,” Conrad said.

From there, it became a “very hostile environment” that compelled her to seek legal counsel, who wrote letters to the Department of Health, the CDC, and the FDA.

“No one cared,” Conrad said. “Finally, I had had it. It was so unethical; I couldn’t take it anymore. These VAERS reports are critical to assuring these vaccines are safe for us all. I could no longer be a part of a system that is lying to the American people.”

Conrad decided to become a whistleblower, telling her story on Del Bigtree’s The Highwire, knowing, she said, that it would cost her job.

“I couldn’t remain silent, even if it meant losing my career and everything I worked for,” she said. “I was fired a few weeks later and walked out like a criminal in front of all my peers.”


WIND: the title is a conclusion and that is unacceptable from a news outlet. Yet all the “news” outlets do it and the worst of them contradict the title with the body of the article. Here at least the article supports the claim of the title.

It doesn’t matter what proportion of the claimaint’s allegations are true (caused by the Jab); the real story is the aggressively hostile and unethical environment which destroys the careers of anyone speaking out*.

No rational person could doubt that it was repeated in every medical center in the land. You had to be out of your fucking mind (or very brave) to buck the COVID narrative or the safety and effectiveness of the Jab—you’d be fired and labeled and anti-vaxxer, “denier”, etc. Those that did suffered severely for it.

There can be no “facts” about safety when such an environment existed and still exists. You are were and are being gaslit on the “safe and effective” claims, which are nothing more than a logical fallacy: absence of proof is proof of absence <=== FALSE.

Sometimes the absence of proof is just sloppy work. Sometimes it is actually absent. But too often the absence of proof is the willful failure or willful incompetence to look for issues, But in the case of COVID, it involved active aggression including ( in some countries) threats up to and including criminal charges. Yet we are supposed to believe that the “science” has it all taken care of. There is no science possible in an environment of hostility and fear.

* And not just COVID; any controversial big-money research area eg climate “science” are all fertile ground for bad actors. Follow the money.

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