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2024-01-19 'Follow the Money' is Usually Hidden, but Your Doctor Bribed to Push COVID Jabs


2023-08-01 Bad Science: “Planet Burning” Psyops Climate Change Hysteria is all about 'Follow the Money'

2023-04-04 Media Keep Stifling the Covid Debate

2023-04-04 COVID: The Suffering of the Innocent

2023-04-04 Media Is to Blame for COVID Vaccines’ Wall of Infallibility

2023-03-31 World’s Largest COVID-Jab Control Group Shows Massive Level of Harm from Jab

2023-03-30 WHO Now Says COVID Vaccines Not Recommended For Healthy Kids & Teens

2023-03-30 COVID-Jab Damage Reports Keep Accruing: Eye Problems, Cardiac Problems, Incapacitated Pilots

2023-03-18 COVID-19 Vaccines Safety and Effectiveness: Gaslighting and Pysops with Scientific Basis of a Logical Fallacy

2023-01-29 Mass Hysteria Psyops: COVID Death Numbers Were Nonsense, Now Being Adjusted, All Our Data Was and Is Garbage


2022-09-12 A Key to Long Covid Is Virus Lingering in the Body, Scientists Say (but could it be DNA damage from the mRNA Jabs?)

2022-09-10 CDC Admits Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Concerns That Were Labeled Covid Misinformation Are Legit

2022-05-13 The COVID Zombie, the Destruction of Science, the Sacrificing of Our Children, and Disinformation all Abound Together | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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