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Exercise More Effective for Depression and Anxiety Than Medication?

re: ethics in medicine

re: How to Know You Triggered Your Critic Into Cognitive Dissonance, Save Yourself Time in Emails, etc

Is it true? I say so, based on my own observations for 30 years. Mood is always better after a good bike ride, no exceptions.

The Epoch Times: Exercise More Effective for Depression and Anxiety Than Medication: Study

Effective in all cases? Almost certainly not, and since depression can undermine motivation. But setting aside such things, there is surely a very large population for which exercise is a vastly better option, and one which carries numerous other benefits, and no side effects.

Ethics in medicine

With tens of millions of Big Pharma drug prescriptions written for depression and anxiety in the USA, one has to ask as a critical ethical question: how many doctors are advising indeed demanding exercise instead and first. What percentage, exactly? And what does failure to make such efforts say about the ethics of doctors who operate that way?

Makes one wonder...

Critical Psychiatry, by Peter C Gøtzsche

My book describes what is wrong with the psychiatry textbooks used by students of medicine, psychology and psychiatry. I read the five most used textbooks in Denmark and uncovered a litany of misleading and erroneous statements about the causes of mental health disorders, if they are genetic, if they can be detected in a brain scan, if they are caused by a chemical imbalance, if psychiatric diagnoses are reliable, and what the benefits and harms are of psychiatric drugs and electroshocks. Much of what is claimed amounts to scientific dishonesty. I also describe fraud and serious manipulations with the data in often cited research. I conclude that biological psychiatry has not led to anything of use, and that psychiatry as a medical specialty is so harmful that it should be disbanded.

WIND: scope of the last claim? . It would be great to see someone with brutal honesty like Jordan Peterson address these claims.

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