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Vitamin C Powder: 20X less Costly than Liposomal Vitamin C, Bowel Tolerance Findings

re: Could Administration of High-Dose Vitamin C Save Your Life vs COVID?
re: Vitamin C: Best Most Bioavailable Form?
re: Vitamin C

Curing the Incurable, 3rd Edition: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, by Thomas E. Levy MD, JD @AMAZON

NutriBiotic Ascorbic Acid With Bioflavonoids Powder

UPDATE Nov 2023: IMO, traditional Vitamin C is not only more problematic on tolerance for some, it is less effective than Lipospheric, probably because the same blood levels cannot be reached as with Lipospheric.

UPDATE 2023-06-19: I received a certificate of analysis for the NutriBiotic Ascorbic Acid With Bioflavonoids Powder product. The Nutribiotic product has (in my opinion) unacceptably high levels of heavy metals, probably due to the bioflavanoids (eg naturally from soil). I had violated my rule to always get a COA before ingesting —  bad idea. The Nutricost Vitamin C powder @AMAZON I now use has extremely low heavy metals  — superb.


See my previous post on why I am exploring high-dose Vitamin C:

Intravenous Vitamin C to Suppress Epstein Barr Virus (and others)? Doctors Will Not Help... what about Liposomal Vitamin C?

Liposomal Vitamin C @AMAZON like the LivOn Laboratories Lypo Spheric Vitamin C @AMAZON is about 20X more expensive per serving than powders like NutriBiotic Ascorbic Acid With Bioflavonoids Powder @AMAZON.

That said, Dr Levy (see book above) suggests that the liposomal form may be as effective as intravenous Vitamin C, as it requires no energy for the body to absorb, and can result in much higher levels in the bloodstream than conventional forms. I have no way of verifying either claim short of a laboratory.

So why am I using the powder? Cost. Plus the liposomal stuff and texture is not, um, enjoyable. Kind of like a bad-tasting snotball. Still, I might later attempt higher doses of the liposomal, since the experiment won’t meet the Klenner protocol without increasing dosing until a clinically effective result is seen (or not seen). I have not cognitive commitments here.


For my own personal test, I’ve been taking 5000mg of liposomal Vitamin C, and up to 40 grams of the powder. I noticed an uptick in energy on day two which continued. Not a cure or dramatic thing, but an optic. Coincidence perhaps, and perhaps not; I will continue the experiment for a few weeks.

Bowel tolerance

You might want to have Scott shop towels @AMAZON on hand and perhaps not go shopping while doing this hard science experiment.

In my quest for good “hard”data, yesterday I determined that 21 grams of NutriBiotic Ascorbic Acid With Bioflavonoids Powder @AMAZON is my bowel tolerance limit. Previously, 19g and 20g were fine.

The Wife just has no appreciation for science.

Reader Thorsten K writes:

Just FYI I use this Liposomal C: Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C - 1000mg Buffered Liquid Vitamin C @AMAZON

No idea if it works any better than the LivOn you mentioned. But it tastes better to me anyway (my family disagrees). I can hold the Quicksilver one in my mouth for half a minute to get some of it absorbed already this way. To me it even tastes pleasant. Also when I had Covid, I drank this almost by the bottle. If it had any effect though on shortening the illness, who knows. But at least I could tolerate it in seemingly any amount. The LivOn gave me stomach problems.

WIND: haven’t tried it. It’s even more expensive than the LivOn product. But I might try it for a high-dosing test because of it's easier to manage form (vs the little packet PITA).

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