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California To Drop 'Medical Misinformation' Law After Judge Blasts 'Dramatic Examples'

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

This case was/is not so much about doctors as about your right to informed consent,.

Which is now mostly extirpated from modern medicine because few doctors are free to express their professional judgment in the context of their employment.

See also: How “Fact Checking” Obliterates Truth

See also: Court to FDA: Stop Playing Doctor

And who needs a law, when formerly respectable universities like Stanford and now bastions of anti-intellectual ideology? The real threats are not obvious things like laws (though they are prima facie more disturbing) but fascist (in the real meaning of the word) “private” efforts.

re: California’s Misbegotten Misinformation Bill AB2098
re: California Judge Halts Implementation of Law Censoring Doctors (AB2098)
re: California Looking to Legislate Medical Tyranny via Professional Expulsion for Wrongthink on COVID (California Bill AB-2098 Physicians and Surgeons: unprofessional conduct)
re: California Legislature Passes Bill Targeting Doctors Promoting COVID-19 ‘Misinformation’

California To Drop 'Medical Misinformation' Law After Judge Blasts 'Dramatic Examples'

2023-09-14, emphasis added.

California has quietly announced it's ditching Gov. Gavin Newsom's draconian 'Covid-19 medical misinformation' law, which would threaten the licenses of doctors who don't agree with "scientific consensus" on various issues.

The law, AB 2098, was signed into law by Newsom last year. In response, five doctors alleged it to be unconstitutional under the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the US constitution.

Now, as the lawsuit heats up, California has quietly added a provision to repeal the law to Senate Bill 815, which makes changes to the California Medical Board, Just the News reports.

Jenin Younes and Laura Powell, lawyers for one set of doctors who obtained a preliminary injunction against the law in January, told Just the News they were blindsided by the repeal provision, saying it wasn't part of any settlement talks in their case.

"It's incredibly last minute," Powell said. "Thursday is the last day to vote on bills, and it has to be passed by both chambers. There's no opportunity for public input and debate." -JTN

According to Younes, whose motion for summary judgement is due October 2, "We are considering next steps," and "We are unlikely to move for dismissal at this time, certainly not until repeal is complete.."


WIND: Small wins feel good but the big picture needs endless toil.

If you do not have a right to your own person and property, you have no rights. California’s thought-control law was a chilling reminder of getting what you voted for, and nothing has changed other than “too far” in this one case. Voters here in California will keep the sociopaths in power that put this law into place.

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