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Unsettled Science: Harvard Has Been Anti-Meat for 30+ Years—Why?

re: Nina Teicholz
re: nutrition

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

When Harvard is not busy with its anti-semitic activities, it is busy damaging the health of the public.

Harvard Has Been Anti-Meat for 30+ Years—Why?

2023-11-05, by Nina Teicholz. Emphasis added.

Red meat is bad for health. We hear this from virtually all our nutrition authorities, and so, it must be true. Far less well known is the fact that this fear of eating red meat can mainly be traced back to a single person, Harvard’s Walter C. Willett, the first and most prominent anti-meat champion in academia. Indeed, in 1990, the year before he started his 25-year reign (1991-2017) as head of the highly influential Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH), Willett said it’s “quite possible” that “no red meat” was the optimal amount to eat.1 His more recent work has involved leading an international effort for a near-meatless diet for all people, globally. Yet this passion has never had a foundation in solid evidence. Rather, it has been based in a mixture of personal ambition, bad science, financial interests and bias.

...The errors of science in the Harvard paper are both superficial and profound. However, the bigger question is: why do Willett and HSPH put out such a constant stream of findings against animal foods when nutritionists for generations have argued, with good reason, that these foods are vitally important, if not essential to human life? ... Thus, whatever we might think about eating animal foods, they are, due to their essential nutrient and ideal protein content, almost certainly crucial for the proper development and functioning of all human beings. Arguing against these foods is like taking the nutrition out of nutrition studies.

...What’s certain is that for 30 years, Willett has been a fervent champion of a vegetarian diet. His advocacy is run through with ideological beliefs, some linked to an actual vegan-promoting church, and it’s hard to imagine that these factors do not interfere with the pure pursuit of science...Willett’s career can be seen as a case study in how a person’s beliefs can lead them into a web of financial, corporate and even ideological interests aligned with those beliefs. Over the course of a 30-year career, these fuse together into a single piece, a set of golden handcuffs for the mind. Evidence to the contrary might exist, but the researcher either ignores it or finds a way to dismiss it as insignificant.


WIND: read the full article for an appalling exposé of the corrupt “science” we have today.

TIP: eat whole unprocessed foods without an ingredient list. No packaged foods, no fast food, no “health bars”, most cereals, etc. And restaurant food is more often than not as bad as all of them.

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