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Natural Immunity Better Than Protection From COVID-19 Vaccination

re: ethics in medicine
re: natural immunity
re: pandemic of the vaccinated

Most studies are BS, and many are outright fraudulent. And if you read about them in the propaganda orifices (formerly known as “news”), they will ALWAYS be misrepresented. So be careful there, in general.

Are you starting to see how the gears of the machine work?


It was and is a pandemic of the vaccinated in which vaccination might have helped a few frail people, while damaging millions in small and large way, while enriching Big Pharma at massive expense by you and me (taxpayers).

Natural Immunity Better Than Protection From COVID-19 Vaccination


People who recovered from COVID-19 were better off than those who received a COVID-19 vaccine, researchers find.

... People who received a vaccine were nearly five times as likely as the naturally immune to test positive for COVID-19 during the Delta era and 1.1 times as likely to test positive for COVID-19 during the Omicron era, researchers in Estonia found.

The vaccinated were also seven times as likely to be admitted to a hospital for COVID-19 amid the spread of the Delta variant and two times as likely to be admitted to a hospital during the Omicron period, when compared with the naturally immune, the researchers found.


WIND: back in August 2020, I called it a “pandemic of the vaccinated”. Seems correct. Which is not to imply other things—surely some people benefitted from the COVID Jab. But

Caution: it’s suspicious when no discussion of how the study assessed things, meaning that were the comparisons done right by adjusting for similar cohorts? Or were “the vaccinated” considered only on that basis, leading to a strong self-selection bias? The article is poorly done in that sense; you’d have to read the original paper to find out.

How many millions have lasting health issues (or died) from the COVID “vaccine”? We’ll probably never know, but the toll has and will be horrific for that and many other reasons. Any proper risk assessment would have to deal with that huge 'elephant' along with claims like those made above.

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