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Veloflex Record Clincher Tire

2011-02-17 • SEND FEEDBACK
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Veloflex Record clincher tire

See the official Veloflex web site for the full range of tires.

See pricing at Amazon @AMAZON.

The Veloflex Record clincher tire shares the same name with its tubular sibling, but is an entirely different type of tire, though it shares similar ride characteristics.

Clincher vs tubular

A “clincher” is the most common type of bike tire used today, staying attached to the rim by air pressure against the lip of the rim (a tubular is glued on). This is the type of tire used by most everyone (but not me, I used tubulars).

Tires and bike feel

Tires are a critical choice on any bike, exerting the most influence of any part on the bike to handling and acceleration.

The tire is rotating weight at the worst possible place, so a small reduction in tire weight can make a very pleasant improvement. A difference of 30 grams in the tire is very noticeable (assuming the wheels themselves are suitably lightweight).

Life is short, so ride lightweight tires that you enjoy— it’s the single best upgrade you can make for your bike. Unless of course your ride over glass and debris on the roads, in which case you’ll have to compromise.

Tire weight

The Veloflex Record clincher weighs an amazing 130 grams. Add a tube, and you’re at perhaps 200 grams— about the same as the Veloflex Record tubular tire (when glued on).

Consider that most average road tires weigh in the range of 320 - 400 grams with tube, and if you’re thinking this is one lightweight tire then you’d be absolutely right— think acceleration and wonderful feel.

Ride quality

With the minimal rubber and 350 TPI casing, the Veloflex Record offers a highly compliant road feel.

I rode the Veloflex Record clincher for a few years prior to switching to tubulars. The Record is the best riding tire you’ll find in a clincher and feels nearly as good as a good tubular tire. So if you like an exceptionally comfortable and responsive ride, the Record is your tire.

Tire pressure

I inflate the Record to 120 PSI (I am 180 pounds when lean). Due to the chance of a blowout (with all clinchers), I advise sticking to 115 PSI, or 110 PSI on ultra light rims.

Flats and wear

Wear life on rear

I’m a relatively heavy (180 pounds lean) and powerful rider (threshold at 340 watts when in shape), so I wear out tires fast, especially on climbs.

Figure 500 miles for a rear tire. Those looking for more wear on the rear might wish to use the 180g Veloflex Master 22.

Wear life on front

Unlike the rear tire, the front tire suffers no torque from climbing or sprinting. I’ve found that even the Record wears for a good 1500 or even 2000 miles before needing replacement. That’s plenty.


Caution: I do not advise more than 120 PSI on lightweight rims— the chance of a blowout with heavier riders is too great. This is true of all clincher tires, not just the Record.

Nominal, per Veloflex.

Use Time trial, fast hill climbing, record attempts, track
Size 700 x 20
Weight 120 grams
TPI 350 Threads Per Inch (120/cm)
Pressure 9/10 bar (130/145)
Protection belt Calicot puncture resistant layer
Casing Compressed Pes/Co corespun
Rubber tread Natural rubber exclusive compound
Mileage Front 2,000 km - Rear 1,000 km
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