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Lightweight Autobahn VR Carbon Fiber 8-Spoke Front Wheel

Lightweight Autobahn tubular wheel

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The Autobahn VR front wheel is a time-trial style highly aerodynamic wheel that is also superb for long distance events and fast descents. It has become an all time favorite.


The following items were weighed with the tires inflated to 120 PSI (empty vs inflated is ~7 grams on a 700 X 22C tire).

Obermayer + Veloflex Record: 627g
VR8 + Veloflex Record: 925g
Autobahn VR + Veloflex Record*: 1046g

* Weight with Veloflex Sprinter tire and (2 oz bottle) of Stan’s NoTubes sealant, weight adjusted for tire choice and sealant weight.

The Autobahn is a heavy wheel (for Lightweight) . Not so great for intense climbing, but really nice for time trials and fast descents and it even handles winds really well, in spite of its 81mm rim depth.

Lightweight Autobahn VR
Weight: 830 g
With 700 X 22C Veloflex Record
(estimated as per above):
With 700 X 22C tubular mounted:
(Veloflex Sprinter with ~60g sealant, 120 psi)
1136 g
Rim depth: 81 mm
Rim width: 19.5 mm
Spokes: 8
Tire width: 19-27 mm
Max system weight: 90 kg


Lightweight’s description could be a little less silly and a lot more factual, but that is admitted in the first sentence. Moreover, it’s difficult to gather whether the description is for the rear wheel, front wheel, or both.

But what we do find difficult is to describe AUTOBAHN.

Let’s start with a few keywords: propulsion, speed, aerodynamics, lightness, toughness and agility. The word “compromise”, however, does not feature at all in this list.

In fact, we should remember that AUTOBAHN is more than just a round disc. AUTOBAHN is an uncompromising weapon – a weapon to be used in the fight against the clock. When armed with this wheel you will understand what we mean when we say, you’ll need to use this carbon wheel to find out how much faster you can go and feel the incredible, high-speed thrill it instills.”

To put it another way, when armed with AUTOBAHN there will be no letup as you fly like a bullet towards your destination. But once you get there, be fair and give everyone else a chance to catch up!

The Autobahn VR has become my all-time favorite front wheel.


  Weight Application
Max Load (rider + bike + stuff)
Lightweight Obermayer front, 20-spoke 420g (estimated)
220 lbs / 100 kg max load
Lightweight Standard front, 20-spoke 475 g All around — street and cross-country
264 lbs = 120 kg max load
Lightweight VR8, 8 spokes 650 g street/track
198 pounds / 90 kilos max load
• 60mm valves
53mm rim height
• 19.5mm rim width
• 19-28mm tires
• built-in wheel samarium cobalt magnet in front and rear wheel
• serial number built into each wheel

View HD, view Ultra HD.

Lightweight Autobahn 8-spoke carbon fiber wheel
Lightweight Aubobahn VR 8-spoke front wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL
(crappy iPhone 5s photo)
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