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Everest Challenge Overall Route Map (2011)

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Pages that follow detail each day’s elevation profile, and there is a page for each climb..

Total ascent

There is a fair distance between climbs on relatively flat roads with significant elevation gain that accrues to make the total reach the 29,000+ figure.

Reference elevations and distances

Per spec sheet.

See also the detailed stage 1 and stage 2 route descriptions.

  • Tom's Place 7100' to Mosquito Flat 10,250' = 10.6 miles
  • Round Valley School 4450' to Pine Creek summit 7425' = 7.9 miles
  • Ed Powers/168 4450' to South Lake 9835' = 17.2 miles
  • Crocker Rd at cemetery ~4000' to Glacier Lodge 7800' = ~9 miles
  • Crocker/395 3940', and 10.4 miles to Glacier Lodge summit.

Overall route map

Route map for the Everest Challenge 2-day stage race (2010 and earlier)
Day 1: Rock Creek, Pine Creek , Bishop Creek/South Lake
Day 2: Big Pine/Glacier Lodge, Death Valley road/Waucoba Canyon, Schulman Grove | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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