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Lightweight Ventoux / Gipfelsturm ServiceUp Warranty

2011-02-13 updated 2011-02-14 • SEND FEEDBACK
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Joined spokes

For 10% more over the wheelset cost (e.g., about $500 on a $50000 wheelset), Lightweight offers a 3 year replacement guarantee on the wheelset against just about anything. This is called the Lightweight ServiceUp Warranty.

I think Lightweight believes their wheels will last, or they would not offer a 3 year warranty like this for 10% more. But no doubt they make a profit on it, since the wheels appear to be extremely well built.

Key points follow.

Key points

See the warranty details. You must register the warranty within 5 days of purchase. In my case, the dealer, Palo Alto Bicycles did so for me. A certificate is mailed to you some days later.

The warranty statement is self-contradictory; it states that it “covers damage caused by your negligence”, but then also says that it “does not cover damage caused by failure to observe the manual”, or “by gross negligence”.

No doubt it’s a good warranty, but it’s not a well written statement of what is covered or not.

Lightweight ServiceUp is a warranty by CarbonSports GmbH for wheels purchased directly from CarbonSports or from an authorised CarbonSports dealer. Lightweight ServiceUp not only extends the warranty of a newly purchased Lightweight wheel to 3 years, it also covers damage caused by your negligence. What is more: Lightweight ServiceUp even covers racing damage; after all, Lightweight wheels are made for racing.


The warranty does not cover damage:

  • to paint, special coatings such as our Duraflon coating, or other wheel finishes applied by request of the customer,
  • damage resulting from any kind of modification of the wheel by the customer or third parties (e.g. holes, paint, coating, stickers, etc.) or excessive loads,
  • damage resulting from normal wear (e.g. of the brake tracks, bearings),
  • damage caused by incorrect installation or use of incompatible parts,
  • damage caused by failure to observe the user manual,
  • damage caused by shipment or storage,
  • damages resulting from inadequate maintenance,
  • damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence.


Racing-grade material is expensive, and racing damage is not covered by any insurance. Get Lightweight ServiceUp now to protect your Lightweight wheels against racing damage.

Transferrable warranty

The Lightweight ServiceUp certificate is issued for 3 years with respect to the chip numbers of the wheels. If the wheels are sold before the end of the term, the service can be transferred to the subsequent owner.

DIGLLOYD: this adds tremendous value, you can sell the wheels if need be.

Up to two replacements

You can use our preferential, free repair service without restriction during the term of the certificate. Free replacement of the wheels is limited to 2 replacements

DIGLLOYD: It’s not clear if this is two sets, or two wheels. So run over only one wheel at a time with your car.



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