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Concussion aka Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI): Experience Report and Advice, Ongoing

The terms “mild” and “traumatic” are a curious combination. I would not say what I have experienced is mild. But what is meant is that most concussions are mild compared to massive loss of function that cripples people in debilitating ways, sometimes permanently. But there is a lot of hope that the brain, being neuroplastic, has powerful ways of healing itself, if appropriate steps are taken.

I have added a new section on concussion: how it happened, initial (lack of) diagnosis, a chronological log of how I felt, how I dealt with it, ideas on nutrition and information, nervous system stimulation, medical massage, exercise, etc.

I have formed my own views based on what works/worked for me and share them. I hope this might help others dealing with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) both in actionable ideas and in giving hope.

Lloyd’s Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI / concussion) Experience and Log

If you have just experienced a concussion, start with a positive attitude! Read Concussion: What to expect, and Setting Expectations and then Concussion: Post-Crash Acute Phase. My March 27 entry emphasizes the importance of both adding and removing sensory perceptions, e.g., excessive noise.

I never engaged in self-pity or anger, and I expected a full recovery, and I think that was important to recovery. Set aside hope, and replace it with positive expectations—the brain is a powerful thing. See April 10 Do NOT hope for the best, expect it!.

mTBI is a very complex subject for which modern medicine has few solid answers, if any, along with decades of entrenched and false “knowledge”. This is beginning to change, fortunately. IMO, the reluctance of the medical profession to accept treatment as valid absent harmful A/B placebo studies I feel does far more harm than good.

The concept of neuroplasticity is key— the brain can be trained. The worst thing you can do is to accept anyone’s claims that you are stuck with your condition. That includes doctors, many of whom are not only poorly informed about concussion (even neurologists!), but are hassled and harried by today’s medical system. My own internist tells me that there are zero (0) concussion gurus in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it is a major population center!

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