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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Low Vitamin D Puts You at Risk; get it Via Sunlight

Correlation is not causation, and yet COVID-19 mortality is strongly associated with Vitamin D deficiency, and it has long been known that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with poor immune system function.

If you supplement with Vitamin D (e.g cholecalciferol), it is essential that you also supplement with magnesium as well as Vitamin K2.

Get your skin in the game!

Get 20 minutes of mid-day SUNLIGHT EVERY DAY on as much skin as possible for maximum Vitamin D production. You want the UV-B rays that are strongest at mid-day for maximum effect. This is how the human body evolved over eons to make Vitamin D. Do not use sunscreen except on sensitive areas like the face and scalp.

Dark skin? You may need much longer exposure because very dark skin can block up to 99% of UV-B rays—so unless you can spend hours with lots of skin in the sun, you’ll need to supplement.

Taking a statin? That's a fast way to a physical and mental health disaster. Among numerous other bodily functions, cholesterol is critical for Vitamin D production in the skin.

Yes, sunlight in moderation without sunscreen is healthy and necessary in spite of the idiotic claims made by the medical establishment which ignore its critical role in health. Whole body health is the ticket, and our genetic makeup doesn’t make Vitamin D via sunlight as some kind of accident!

If you do use sunscreen, stick to zinc oxide, which blocks (reflects away) all types of UV rays. My prediction is that in 10-20 years, it will be shown that most sunscreens contribute to skin cancer by suppressing the UV rays that are needed by the body for Vitamin D production (thus impairing the immune system that kills cancer cells early), and allowing through the UV rays that are associated with skin cancer.

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