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COVID-19: the Tyranny Has Just Begun, with the Totalitarian Police State now Flourishing in the USA

re: Health Care Heroes Juxtaposed against Morally Degenerate Police and Judiciary enforcing Economic Apartheid
re: ethics in medicine

The COVID vaccines are not only totally unproven “in the wild”, having ZERO scientific validity as yet as to efficacy out in the real world (or with respect to viral mutations), but governments and businesses are acting aggressively to deny you basic human rights, unless you submit to a vaccine for which NO ONE knows who it might harm. The early allergic reactions are rare (so they claim), but who knows what side effects take months or longer to develop?

It is anti-scientific and downright vicious to assume that 3 months or a year from now that side effects might not occur, possibly life-changing ones, and that you should just SHUT UP and accept the injection as an obedient serf of your overlords.

If you do not have the right to your own body, what the hell do you have for liberty? The cancel culture has silenced millions, and now it is going to take over your physical body too.

The indications are already chilling now that Americans have accepted the iron hand of coercion forcing them out of money, out of homes, out of a job. That’s just a psyops exercise for what’s to come. Consider:

All because of a mass hysteria of historical proportions totally out of proportion to the actual risks/harms.

This is pure tyranny and it could get really ugly. While the Supreme Court sits around with its collective thumb up its ass, as the Consitution is shredded. Shame on them and the court system, so long obviously politicized, and now willing to sit by idly and ignore the Constitution.

It is a fundamental human right to decide what goes into your own body. Yeah, maybe you can do that but at the cost of never again participating as a full human being in any public arena. Who knows what these people will think up?

For myself, I choose to not accept a vaccine that has potentially nasty side effects which might take years to emerge because I’ve had my fill of medical doctors damaging or degrading me (multiple experiences). I still live with lingering neurological damage, and my concussion could have been helped much more effectively, just for starters in a list of medical imncompetence and ignorance, with dubious if not downright harmful “standards of care” that now permeate the practices of mainstream doctors—only a fool “trusts the experts” once their incompetence is experienced.

So—now I am supposed to trust the propaganda engine around the COVID vaccine after the “experts” (expert at lying is about the only thing*) have gotten almost EVERYTHING wrong about COVID?

* I refer to the public face of the medical establishment, the oficial twaddle that we’ve been fed for a year now. I am in no way denigrating the dedicated medical professionals out there trying to save people while risking their own health—different situations entirely.

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