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COVID: All over the Country Hospital Staffing Shortages were BY DESIGN

re: Might the COVID Omicron Variant be a Gift to the World in Disguise?

No, I am not claiming that our leaders actually wanted staffing shortages at hospitals.

But I am claiming that most of the people in charge are too stupid to understand human motivation, or at least callous exploiters.

It was all foreseeable by everyone but children and idiots, just as rampantly rising crime is guaranteed when you demonize and defund police, and prosecute them for their mistakes if they are the wrong color.

The mass-brainwashing networks (“the news”) are desperately trying to spin hospital staffing shortages as something caused by COVID surges.

The truth is more complicated: yes there is some staffing “burnout” and yes there are places where there are some surges in need. But that’s not what is going on as a rule.

The root of the problem: the administrative parasites in charge chose to fire the heroes who got us through this pandemic. When those heroes who mostly already had natural immunity refused vaccination. This is the REAL cause of staffing shortages.

Using people as tools, then discarding them like trash.

Those fired heroes are not allowed back. So some travel to places where they are not demonized and can work for much higher pay, and some just do something else.

Anyone who understands business knows that a reduction of even 5% can have a major impact on operations. At 10% or more, it’s a huge deal, a crisis in some situations. That’s what we have here.

* BTW, don’t be dumb enough to believe the percent capacity claims — no business can run its services mostly empty, so they necessarily target relatively high utilization as a necessity, or go out of business.

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