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COVID Omicron Variant Looking to Be Holiday Gift, but Big Pharma Won’t Give Up a Trillion Dollars in Profit Without a Fight

re: The Race to Kill Off Possibly the Best COVID Vaccine for the World?

Biggest gift to the world of all time?

The COVID Omicron variant is increasingly looking like a gift to dwarf all other gifts, and one that will keep on giving for generations, by halting the economic and educational carpet bombing of the world. By establishing a strong base of natural immunity. A new common cold that will kill some people (as the common cold can!). But one of thousands of pathogens we’e always had to live with. Although... once achieved there will still remain a political/social battle to be one, because cognitive dissonance is really tough to overcome.

Maybe. Hopefully. That is, Omicron looks wimpy, but it’s still a bit early to celebrate.

While so far claimed rocketing dominance of Omicron by the CDC is a wholly unsubstantiated model-based fake news speculation, by New Year’s eve the picture should be coming into good focus. The 'game' will be over by Jan 15 or so, barring some unexpected new information. And so Jan 31 is the tentative day we should declare the COVID pandemic OVER.

As for “deaths with Omicron”, so far in the USA these are little more than bad-thinking opinions—one or two people with serious health conditions. Dying with Omicron is not dying from Omicron. But that intellectual fakery and impaired judgment is nothing new.

The odds look increasingly good that Omicron is the natural vaccine for COVID the world needs. And Omicron might vaccinate the world incredibly efficiently at very low cost in human life and economic costs. One that will strip half a trillion dollars in the profit gravy train from Big Pharma—and therein lies a major threat.

Could it be that now, finally, the smart move could be to (a) protect at-risk people with boosters and distancing, and (b) encourage all healthy people to get Omicron? Because natural immunity kicks the crap out of these half-assed “vaccines” we’ve all been harangued to take. And because most of us are going to get Omicron very soon, or so it looks like. Still, I have some lingering skepticism; it will take months for some of the less populated areas of the country, and those with natural immunity (50% of more of the population) likely won’t notice much of anything but the sniffles, hence the need to scare people with a positive COVID test.

Legalized child abuse continues. No, I am not talking about the expanding grip of the intellectual comprachicos in government schools. I mean the vaccination of children, who have nil risk from COVID. A gross violation of medical ethics. The risk we are taking with our children is outrageous—how could you ever again trust a doctor with ethics like that? At the least, it shows a dangerous cognitive bias of rationalizations (very poor medical judgment).

Big Pharma will not surrender half a trillion in profit without a fight

The “follow the money” principle will almost never lead you astray in life. It doesn’t matter how good intentions are; this stuff operates at all levels of the human psyche. Always there will be some non-zero influence. And getting someone to understand something is nearly impossible if their benefit depends on not understanding it.

A simple fix: a 95% windfall profits excise tax on Big Pharma profits from COVID vaccines. Suddenly and overnight, the research would show different results (!), and the urgency would disappear.

The “follow the money” principle will play out as a raging battle, albeit behind-the-scenes and in many guises of persuasion and deception, to the peril of us all. I am hopeful, but I’d not want to bet against a half-trillion cash incentive.

Expect to see all of this and much more, little of it in plain sight. Always you will see it in other guise and never the authors behind it:

  • Amped-up fear mongering (already in progress). Daily death stories (anecdotes).
  • Continued suppression and ignoring of natural immunity (expect at least a few corrupted studies designed to attack its efficacy, these will be touted).
  • Complete avoidance of real data analysis in all public discussion, misleading charts/graphs, zero risk/benefit analysis, etc.
  • Outright fake (made-up) data.
  • Attacks of the most vile kind on any voice with alternative viewpoint (doctors, researchers, etc).
  • Demonizing and dehumanizing attacks on the unvaxxed along with increased hysteria on needing everyone vaxxed, including down to 6-month-old babies.
  • Studies designed to show the desired results (all sorts of ways to do that).
  • Suppression of viewpoints by Big Tech, government (already an unprecedented and widespread problem that has utterly destroyed the credibility of science).
  • Corruption at the FDA and CDC (rampant). People will be paid off one way or another in order to reach the “right” conclusions/approvals. For the idiots and children reading this, there are endless and varied ways to pay people off that are difficult to detect, let alone prosecute.

For a taste of what Big Pharma will do for profit, see Purdue Pharmaceuticals and Oxycontin and see the movie Dopesick or read Dopesick, by Beth Macy @AMAZON. While movies suck for accuracy, the core of the matter is pure evil: selling suffering and death for money.

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