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Reversing Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? More like a Cycle

re: health, nutrition

Back in early May, I wrote about the wonderful uptick in energy, downtick in sleep needs, etc, as my thyroid peroxidase levels plummeted (see chart below). My “old” energy level returned, and I’ve enjoyed 6-7 weeks of the good life—because without health none of us have much.

Early June came with troubling signals that things weren’t going so well. A steady but inexorable slide back down to low energy, increased sleep needs, cognitive impairment, swings in appetite, pain, et. At a lousy low now, and hoping it’s hit bottom because it’s at a level that is seriously damaging my productivity, not to mention an uneasy unpleasant feel to my days—hard to explain. The system just isn’t happy.

I hear from others with different auto-immune disease that they can be cyclical. That’s what it looks like for me

I hold out some hope that I will see shorter and higher “lows” and longer and higher highs for me over time, but only time will tell. I have not rested TPO as graphed below, but I’d bet it has soared again.

UPDATE, July 5: the downcycle paused for a few days then resumed. Brain fog has crushed my ability to work, sleep needs are +2-3 hours, dream states are more active, low-grade pain never abates (aches in arms and hands), and thats on top of a rotator cuff injury). I would not wish it on anyone. I am staying positive andl ooking forward to the cycle playing itself out. I cannot think of any trigger, my diet being little changed from when things got a lot better 8 weeks ago.

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) plummets from 877 to 63 in just 4 months

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