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Titanium Dioxide: a Food-Additive Nanoparticle Best Avoided

re: nutrition

Most scientific studies are false. But why would you ingest a substance that has no nutritional value, and that very likely is toxic?


2023-02-01, by Steve Born. Emphasis added.

A sizable body of research suggests that people are more likely to buy and eat foods that are brighter or more vibrant in color. Professor Charles Spence states that color “is the single most important product-intrinsic sensory cue when it comes to setting people’s expectations regarding the likely taste and flavor of food and drink.” [1]

Titanium dioxide is one way to make that happen.


In the first piece of research, entitled “Safety assessment of titanium dioxide (E171) as a food additive”, the panel stated that “although gastrointestinal absorption of TiO2 [titanium dioxide] particles is low, they may accumulate in the body.” And it is this accumulation of E171 nanoparticles (NPs) that concerned the panel. Although they did find negative effects on reproductive and developmental toxicity, the panel stated that “Observations of potential immunotoxicity and inflammation with E171 and potential neurotoxicity with TiO2 NPs, together with the potential induction of aberrant crypt foci [clusters of abnormal tube-like glands in the lining of the colon and rectum] with E171, may indicate adverse effects.”

The panel concluded that “Based on all the evidence available, a concern for genotoxicity [the ability of harmful substances to damage genetic information in cells] could not be ruled out, and given the many uncertainties, E171 can no longer be considered safe when used as a food additive.” In 2021, the European Food Safety Authority came to the same conclusions, leading to titanium dioxide (E171) being banned as a food additive in the European Union.

The second piece of research, while mentioning the conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority, looked instead at the effects of E171 accumulation once the exposure to E171 was stopped. What they found was that E171 was accumulated in the cells after 24 hours of exposure, with an increase in free radicals, DNA damage, molecular alteration, and other deleterious cellular effects noted. After the removal of E171, the researchers found that they were "unable to revert the alterations found after 24 hours of exposure in colon cells.” They concluded that “exposure to E171 causes [cellular] alterations that cannot be reverted after 48 hours if E171 is removed from colon cells.”

By now, it should be pretty clear that titanium dioxide/E171 is a food additive that causes some seriously harmful effects on the body and should be avoided at all costs. Thomas Galligan, head scientist for additives and supplements at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, summarizes: “Unlike other chemicals used in food, titanium dioxide has no nutritive, preservative, or food safety function—its use is purely cosmetic. The prospect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles damaging DNA is concerning enough for us to recommend consumers avoid foods that have 


WIND: here in the USA, we prefer to keep poisoning people with “food”. It’s an unbeatable business model: gurneying a steady customer base into the helpful hands of Big Pharma and Big Medicine.

Eat whole unprocessed foods. If it has an ingredient list other than a handful of fully appropriate ingredients (eg the food itself plus salt or real space), do not consume it. Sorry, but nearly all restaurant food is a really bad idea too.

Do not eat anything with food dyes, “natural flavors” (highly unnatural excitoxins typically), etc.

Consider getting off ineffective medications which can mutate bacteria in your system. Consider whether assembly line medicine has put you on Big Pharma meds that will NEVER make you healthier and might kill you.

For example, magnesium deficiency can cause both psychiatric and systemic physical issues for the bulk of the world’s population. Yet instead of fixing that, ignorant doctors (rare exceptions) will medicate you with 2/3/4/10 meds. And yet, prescription medications are the 3rd leading cause of death.

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