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Certificate of Analysis (COA): Nutricost Potassium Chloride

re: potassium
re: certificate of analysis

See Certificate of Analysis for Food Supplements: How to Interpret.

Nutricost Potassium Chloride

I obtained the COA for Nutricost Potassium Chloride.

Nutricost Potassium Chloride @AMAZON

Nutricost manufactures their products in the USA and they test every batch them make, so they say when I called them. I have no affiliation, but I admire a company that tests every batch and makes it right here at home. Hence I wish to call them out as a company doing things right and deserving of your business.

As the COA shows, Nutricost Potassium Hexahydrate has exceptionally low lead/arsenic/mercury content.

To exceed the 15 mcg per day lead maximum recommended intake, you would have to consume 245 servings. That’s an amazingly clean/untainted product.

Context: Nutricost KCl lead (Pb) content is up to* 58X lower than the NOW Supplements Potassium Chloride.

TIP: most people get too much sodium relative to potassium. To better balance sodium vs potassium intake, I mix Himalayan sea salt about 50/50 with potassium chloride.

* “Up to” because NOW does not offer any more specific res ults other than a range specification of "0 to 586 ppb"; actual content is likely lower and possibly much lower but lacking a measurement one has to assume the highest end of the range.


mcg per 210mg elemental Mg Nutricost KCl NOW Supplements KCl
Lead (Pb) 0.0610 0.586 mcg (up to)
Mercury (Hg) 0.0004 N/A
Arsenic (Ar) 0.0040 N/A
Cadmium (Cd) 0.0005

* Given the toxic crap Big Pharma produces, maybe “pharmaceutical grade” means “toxic”?

Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Nutricost Potassium Chloride
Milligrams of elemental potassium vs milligrams of compound
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