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Low Cholesterol Associated with Violent Crime?

re: ethics in medicine
re: correlation is not causation

Most scientific studies are false. OK, we got that out of the way.

My testosterone here in my late 50's is 30% to 50% higher than in my 30's. Huh.

In my 30's I followed the medical malpractice guidelines still in force today: a diet low in saturated fat, high in whole grains, ad nauseum. No wonder my health sucked (repeated sinus infections, bouts of depression, etc).

Here in my 50's, I enjoy plenty of good saturated fat, all unprocessed and chemical free: grass-fed A2 milk and my own homemade yogurt using it, grass-fed meat, butter and ghee, bacon and eggs, cheese. No more bloating either. Of course I eat vegetables and fruits too. What I rarely if ever eat is processed food (that includes nearly all restaurant food!) or any grains or candy or anything having more than one or two core ingredients. Ironically, in spite of all that, I am dogged by thyroid disease and repeated bouts of EBV, all stemming from COVID infection. So diet cannot fix everything.

Low cholesterol and violent crime


Results: One hundred individuals met criteria for criminal violence. Low cholesterol (below the median) was strongly associated with criminal violence in unadjusted analysis (Men: risk ratio 1.94, P=0.002; all subjects risk ratio 2.32, P<0.001). Age emerged as a strong confounder. Adjusting for covariates using a matching procedure, violent criminals had significantly lower cholesterol than others identical in age, sex, alcohol indices and education, using a nonparametric sign test (P=0.012 all subjects; P=0.035 men).

Conclusions: Adjusting for other factors, low cholesterol is associated with increased subsequent criminal violence.

WIND: of course it’s a lame study, but it does make one wonder. Any followups?

I’d bet that it’s true, not because of the cholesterol by itself, but as the manifestation of a very poor diet, probably very high in grains and processed food, glyphosate and other chemicals, etc. Cholesterol just a biomarker.

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