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The Pharmacokinetics of Vitamin C

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re: Vitamin C
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Interesting paper.

One of the most critical nutrients is very poorly understood, leading to a wide span of views about its importance and applicability.

The Pharmacokinetics of Vitamin C

...In contrast to the physiological concentrations achievable by oral ingestion, pharmacological concentrations, i.e., millimolar plasma concentrations, can be reached by parenteral administration, mostly intravenous infusion...

...recycling process may be inadequate during disease and among smokers, for example, resulting in an increased turnover of vitC [17,18]. Thus, increased intake of vitC may be necessary to achieve homeostasis in high-risk individuals…. dietary intake may be insufficient to provide adequate amounts of vitC...

...As early as the 1970s, it was observed that the bioavailability of ASC is highly dose-dependent [38]. Increasing oral doses were shown to lead to decreasing absorption fractions and it was concluded by several authors that intestinal ASC absorption is subject to saturable active transport [38,39]...

...may be possible to exceed the homeostatic saturation level of 70–80 μM by several fold through multiple daily gram doses of vitC. At supraphysiological levels, vitC gradually adheres to first order kinetics as discussed under intravenous administration. Hence, it is possible to estimate that, for example, a dose of 2 g of vitC given three times a day is likely to result in a steady state plasma concentration of about 250 μM (calculations based to data from ref [13]). However, the possible health benefits from such supraphysiological levels have yet to be documented...

...sometimes massively increased turnover due to oxidative stress and inflammation and a decreased dietary intake of vitC associated with the disease...


WIND: not much seems to be known about lipospheric Vitamin C.

My doctor’s opinion has been that in my weakened state, it is mainly about inflammation. It would thus make sense that dosing with Vitamin C as I have been doing could reduce/mitigate inflammatory effects.

See also: Pharmacokinetics of vitamin C: insights into the oral and intravenous administration of ascorbate and more...

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