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COVID-19 May Lead to Persistent Brain Injury Undetected by Routine Tests


Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Scientific Studies are Mostly False but when my personal experience aligns strongly with whatthe study says, I am much more inclined to give it credibility and assign it a “likely true” rating.

See also: COVID Vaccines Could Trigger Vasculitis, Damaging Multiple Organs

COVID-19 May Lead to Persistent Brain Injury Undetected by Routine Tests


Rapid onset of acute COVID-19 symptoms can cause key brain injury markers that even months later persist.

COVID-19 not only damages the lungs and respiratory system but also causes severe harm to the heart, intestines, and nervous system (including the brain). A study in the UK has shown that the brain injury caused by COVID-19 may persist for months after infection.

The study published in the journal Nature Communications in December 2023 revealed that some recovering COVID-19 patients, while appearing healthy in routine blood inflammation tests, exhibited brain injury markers in their blood.

...Professor Gwenaëlle Douaud, the lead author of the study, stated in a press release: “Despite the infection being mild for 96% of our participants, we saw a greater loss of grey matter volume, and greater tissue damage in the infected participants, on average 4.5 months after infection. They also showed greater decline in their mental abilities to perform complex tasks, and this mental worsening was partly related to these brain abnormalities.”

...seeking prompt medical attention is crucial to determine the presence of a severe brain condition. In such cases, they should follow medical advice and undergo active treatment.

WIND: for ~18 months following the onset of my health thunderclap in June 2020, I had serious impairments of my ability to concentrate/focus, headaches, massively increased need for sleep (14-18 hours a day), and other effects including loss of motivation and similar. It was by far the toughest time of my entire life, with no path forward other than patience. While I now feel pretty normal, the physical effects linger and I have yet to regain my former strength, or ability to work long hours or train hard. And this all stemmed from whatever hit me 6 weeks after recovering from COVID, possibly from EBV and other pathogens along with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

As for “follow medical advice and undergo active treatment”, that makes sense for outright symptoms resulting from extremely serious effects as discussed, of course. But the medical profession is (was) worthless (pathetically ignorant/useless) for what I suffered-through, and worse than worthless for its asshole narratives and denial of symptoms and grotesque ignorance of the whole situation. Maybe a doctor or few out there are exceptions, somewhere.

Of course this does raise the question: would getting Jabbed be better? It was never an option for me as I was infected before any Jab. My guess is that the risk from the Jab is as high as from the infection, and maybe worse. And the damn thing has no value after a month or two (every Jabbed member of my family got infected anyway), so thats seems an obviously stupid non-solution. But I have no way of knowing for sure, and any research would be 100% bullshit given follow the money, so each person has to weigh that for themselves.

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