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'Follow the Money' is Usually Hidden, but Your Doctor Bribed to Push COVID Jabs

re: follow the money and medical battery
re: rationalization and cognitive committment and cognitive dissonance

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

The mechanisms of follow the money vary but are usually hidden. And too-many doctors have been (and are) drug pushers for decades now with financial incentives, if nothing more than staying employed and/or avoiding medical boards. Still, you don’t expect it to be so blatant.

With the COVID Jab, the bribery evidence is still online as of Jan 19 2024. If it disappears, here is a PDF on this site.

Milche cows for massive profits. A psyop drove this insane profiteering.

Milche cows for profiteering

There are honorable doctors out there not caught up in this vile breach of medical ethics (and all the others still very alive), but few to no doctors in medical institutions can practice freely*—toe the line or be disciplined and fired. COVID merely intensified the pressure.

Modern medicine is swiss-cheesed with festering pus-filled ethical abscesses, whether it’s follow the money, or DEI selection and training coming soon to your care (if not already). But at least it is not the medical reeducation camps of Canada—not yet.

“Trust your doctor” is for children and idiots, along with “follow the science” for the gullible. Still, there are high profile doctors out there that leverage both ideas and are making millions! Something about one born every minute, from birthing persons presumably.

BTW, is it medical battery if a doctor fails to disclose a financial conflict of interest and thereby misleads the patient by omission of both that conflict and the risks? People were harmed in large numbers, and together with the fraud of non-disclosure, it might qualify as medical battery because (a) it was harmful in many cases, and (b) there was an intent to accept that harm in exchange for getting paid (or keeping one’s job). Tough to argue, but there it is.

Sadly, the bribe-for-jabs collusion is just the penguin shit on the tip of the iceberg. Nothing new here, just a variation on how. It is the way medicine is done—to you. Not for you.

Whether it’s slow-poison nutritional advice, debilitating statins, worthless protcols for cholesterol, vaccinations causing horrific harms, 3/4/5 vaccinations at once for naive newborn immune systems, the pain and suffering of ineffective chemotherapy, sugar-is-A-OK advice for diabetics, it is all the same viciously unethical follow-the-money assembly line medicine.

How does it all work? Never underestimate the power of rationalizations and cognitive commitments along with the pain of cognitive dissonance.

* Worse, few doctors posses critical thinking skills. And if they do, they have it pummeled out of them and gradually accept an intellectual prison. Follow the money alone in an institutional setting along with medical boards and “standard of abuse care” would produce that result even with the best of them. And don’t get me started on understanding probability. Sadly, doctor “training” is lifelong, in the full sense of the word eg conditioning.

The 4-page PDF noted above looks like this:

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