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Infrasound From Wind Turbines Could Be ‘A Huge Threat to the Entire Biodiversity’... and Human Health

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re: climate science

A huge threat to human health IMO.

Prediction: large sums will be spent to discourage funding and/or to beat down any research that suggests any kind of negatives of infrasound; follow the money. By those that benefit.

Between infrasound, 5G, microplastics, a slow-poison food supply, the raging epidemic of poor health surely stems from some or all of these.

See also: Biggest Corporate Welfare Scam of All Time.

Infrasound From Wind Turbines Could Be ‘A Huge Threat to the Entire Biodiversity’: Doctor


A German doctor raises the alarm over the impact of infrasound from wind turbines.

...When wind turbines rotate, however, they generate not only electricity but also infrasound. Infrasound is defined as a sound wave with a frequency of less than 20 hertz (Hz). The lower the frequency of the sound, the greater its wavelength and the harder it is to shield from it. Infrasound can penetrate walls, people, and animals.

“With ever larger wind turbines, the frequencies are getting lower and lower. This makes infrasound more problematic and dangerous,” Dr. Bellut-Staeck told The Epoch Times. Today’s wind turbines reach frequencies as low as 0.25 Hz. The wavelength of this frequency is just under 0.86 miles.

...Reported adverse effects of industrial wind turbines include weakness, dizziness, headaches, concentration and memory issues, ear pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, and sleep disorders, according to research cited in Canadian Family Physician.


WIND: sound over background levels degrades cognitition and causes stress in children and adults; it is a major health hazard. And sub-hearing sound is surely no different.

Most of the population seems to be oblivious to lawn mowers, leaf blowers, pool pumps, air conditioners, shredders, freeway noise traveling 10 miles, etc. These go on 24 X 7 all around in my neighborhood with very little care taken to dampen any of it. Everyone poisoning the auditory well for everyone else—that’s the norm.

Sounds are a huge stressor for me, having been a “high sensitivity” person all my life (wired especially strongly for sensor input and processing). Add a concussion in 2018 where many sounds (even a refrigerator) were a mild form of torture. The brain has to work very hard to filter out the din, which you’ll realize if you ever have the unfortunate experience of brain damage, as I did.

The browning of the American landscape with Don Quixote quick-profits-for-a-few scams is horrible to behold in my travels. There is a lot still intact, but also major areas forever impacted by this 'green' lunacy can be see 80 miles away. You can’t even pen your eyes now in some wilderness areas without seeing the unholy death star 80 miles away.

Destroying ecosystems for solar panels is the worst assault on health and society in history. Windmills are even more insidious. This insanity may run its course, but not before vast damage is done. And it is all a corporate welfare scam.

Meanwhile, the gross stupidity of solar arrays in areas that have any chance of a hailstorm should be self evident.

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