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Boeshield T-9 Lubricant

Last updated 2012-02-07 - Send Feedback
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Boeshield T-9 Lubricant

I use Boeshield T-9 lubricant for both my mountain and road bikes. It is a very light lubricant that keeps the chain clean and quiet and smooth. I don’t like heavier lubricants, because they accrete a tremendous amount of dirt and gunk; I prefer to lube frequently with a light lubricant— T-9.

A well-lubed chain greatly extends service life of chain and cassette.

For dusty conditions on my mountain bike, I lube the chain every 3 hours of riding (e.g., every ride). No big deal, and I get a whisper-quiet silky smooth ride.

For my road bike, I lube the chain every 6-8 hours of riding. It’s possible to go much longer between lubes, but I like an ultra smooth drivetrain.

It works— after 2000 miles on my road bike, my Shimano DuraAce Yumeya chain still does not measure as worn (most riders figure 1500 miles at best). Keep it well-lubricated and you’ll enjoy the smooth quiet ride, and far greater chain and cassette longevity.

Geoff F writes:

Boeshield T9 was invented and used in house by Boeing for protecting metal aircraft parts and is used in harsh marine environments to protect against corrosion.

More inportantly mention that it needs to dry for 2+ hours to set up the wax, thus better to apply After a ride to be ready for the Next ride

I have generally lubed before my rides, but sometimes after. Indeed, my chains have never shown any rust even after rain rides.

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