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Extensive and Intensive Endurance Workouts, 3 Examples

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Legal disclaimer: Since we are not doctors, never follow anything based on health-related or training topics on this or related sites without first consulting with your doctor or other trusted health professional.

Data from the SRM power meter. See Why a Power Meter is so much Better than Heart Rate Alone.

For all graphs, RED is heart rate, GREEN is power (watts). Click each graph for larger version.

Extensive endurance with intensive endurance hill climbs

This 4+ hour workout had endurance as its primary goal. Even the hill climbs kept power output sub-threshold, though high enough to train lactate threshold a bit. The power output on some climbs is demanded by the steepness vs gearing (minimum cadence).

With some effort, power output was sustained even on the last climb.

Stats: 64 miles in 4:20 @ 217W @ 133bpm, 71°F, 6538’ ascent

Extensive endurance workout with intensive endurance ascents

Extensive endurance recovery ride

This 3+ hour workout had endurance as its primary goal, performed at a fully aerobic level for some recovery from the day prior, above.

There is always the temptation of riding too hard and some discipline is required to avoid spurts; in this regard the workout was a success. The intensity was lowered about half-way through intentionally.

Stats: 57 miles in 3:13 @ 203W @ 124bpm, 2700’ ascent, 74°F

Extensive endurance workout at 70-75% of max heart rate (fully aerobic), recovery ride

Extensive endurance recovery ride

This 2:22 hour workout had endurance as its primary goal, a goal made more challenging by the hill climbs, which demand a minimum cadence and thus a minimum power level for satisfactory speed without making it into a leg-strength workout. Power was held to just below 300 watts on the steepest climb (Old La Honda Rd) and kept to much lower levels on upper paved Alpine Road (first climb), and Kings Mtn Rd (3rd climb).

Stats: 53 miles in 2:22 @ 212W @ 123 bpm, 4900’ ascent, 62°F

Extensive endurance workout with some intensive endurance hill climbs

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