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Personal Best (Tunitas Creek)

2012-11-18 updated 2013-07-25 • SEND FEEDBACK
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Legal disclaimer: Since we are not doctors, never follow anything based on health-related or training topics on this or related sites without first consulting with your doctor or other trusted health professional.

July 25, 2013 effort

This effort is remarkable in that months of training were severely compromised by a shoulder surgery and a knee problem. This effort came after two weeks of intensive training after finally resolving the knee issues. It was not a maximal effort.

The power figures show a discrepancy against the Nov 18 2012 effort (lower power at higher riding weight with faster time = one of them is wrong). The power meter had been serviced not long before: more accurate or less? But clock time is a metric one cannot dispute.

What is remarkable about the new best time is that it was achieved at a weight five pounds heavier than the previous time, and that previous time was at the end of an exceptional training season. One possible explanation is the improved power output from a new riding position.

Duration: 32:34
Power, watts: 306.6
BPM: 156, with peak of 166
Distance: 6.32 miles
Ascent: 1721 feet (as per altimeter)
Speed: 11.64 mph
Temp: 67° F
TRW: 202 pounds

Power and heart rate with elevation profile, Tunitas Creek personal best

Nov 18, 2012 effort

This workout analysis shows a personal best ascent of Tunitas Creek which at the time I did not realize was a personal best, or I would have worked it harder!

Late in the season, the time was impacted by wearing medium-weight tights, carrying a jacket, partially full water bottle, bike light and tail light, as well as running a 700 X 27C front tire at 85 psi and 700 X 25C rear.

Duration: 32:47
Power, watts: 325.1
BPM: 160, with peak of 178
Distance: 6.25 miles
Ascent: 1741 feet (as per altimeter)
Speed: 11.45 mph
Temp: 53° F
TRW: 196.9 pounds


The SRM Cannondale Hollowgram SL power meter is rated for 1% accuracy.

This was a very hard effort, but it felt relaxed as is always the case when I am well rested (having done only half workouts the two days prior, due to rain).

I paced myself steadily throughout the climb, just telling myself that a nice solid effort was all I wanted, no heroics. It was not a personal best attempt, though I had a feeling of going pretty fast. and not breathing all that hard. Ironically, best times seem to come when not aiming for my best!

As is the case for a “good day” I could not find any steep sections for the entire climb; everything felt quite easy. This is why it is worth resting— easy, free-flowing power output comes from being rested.

See also a summertime effort at a very similar heart rate, but a little lower power.

Click for a larger graph. Red is heart rate, green is power.

Power and heart rate with elevation profile, Tunitas Creek personal best
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