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2011 Moots MootoX RSL — Weight

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL
by >

For those with an unlimited budget for racing, a comparable carbon fiber frame bought each racing season might weight a pound less, but titanium lasts just about forever, good luck with carbon fiber over the long term and/or if you’re a big guy.

Titanium is elegant, durable, and rides with some extra comfort and zing that you won’t find in carbon. At the least, a carbon fiber frame with anything less than a full lifetime replacement warranty is not a poor long-term investment. Replacing a frame is hardly free, as it requires a teardown and rebuild.

But for me it’s primarily a comfort issue. In my experience so far, carbon fiber mountain bike frames have a too-stiff ride that only dual suspension can mitigate adequately. Since I’m not interested in a sloppy conventional dual suspension bike, that leaves a hardtail (or softtail).

Frame weight

The 2011 Moots MootoX RSL 18" frame is a racing design in a titanium hardtail 29er, and thus should be lightweight, and indeed it is as things go for a metal (non carbon) frame.

Moots specifies an 18" frame weight of 3.5 pounds, but it’s unclear what that includes (e.g., dropouts, bolts for water bottles, etc).

I weighed the 18" MootoX RSL frame on a gram-accurate scale after the SRAM PressFit 30 bottom bracket had already been installed (91g + ~10g (?) shims).

Weights here ALSO include the dropouts and bolts for the water bottles, but NOT the seat post or seat post clamp. Within a few grams, frame weight seems to be exactly what Moots claims.

This is a remarkable weight for a 29er metal frame, yet it looks and feels to be an extremely solid build; examining it in person and handling it makes me think of it as something as suitable for display as art as for building as a bike.

Moots "30.9 X 380 LB CO2" seatpost: 255g
Moots Ti handlebar custom 26" X 8°:  239g (bar), 256g with 31.8mm shims

Click for larger image, and see the image gallery.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL titanium frame and Moots titanium seatpost

XTR Parts weight

As weighed on my gram-accurate lab scale.

XTR 26/38 crankset
- cranks 660g
- SMBB90-A  86g
XTR 11-36 cassette:  276g
- largest 5 rings are titanium
XTR F01A pads with heat sinks:  18g
XTR pedals:
- 305g
- + 53g cleats
XTR chain:  271g in bag with pins
XTR front derailleur:  127g
XTR rear derailleur: 175g
XTR shifter set with cables, housings: 344g
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