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Moots 2011/2012 Vamoots RSL — Conclusions

2011-12-27 updated 2012-02-15 • SEND FEEDBACK
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Moots 2012 Vamoots RSL Titanium Road Racing Bike

I am very impressed with the Moots Vamoots RSL and its handling performance compared to my Trek Madone 6.9 SSL. In some ways it even seeemed preferable to the fabulous LOOK 695 SR.

My only reservation about the Vamoots RSL is the somewhat higher weight one accepts with titanium, but as the build page shows, 14.8 pounds is an impressively low weight as configured.

Remember also the context of real world riding weight remains highly relevant.

Update (3000 miles after buying)

I’ve now ridden my Vamoots RSL for about 3000 miles.

It has become my favorite bike ever, offering an ideal blend of stiffness, comfort, responsiveness, durability, and superb handling. Highly recommended!

Other benefits of Titanium

Carbon fiber road bikes are relatively fragile. I do not consider a carbon fiber bicycle a long-term investment simply because they can be damaged by a crash in ways that are subtly dangerous— one cannot be sure.

Titanium (at least the superlative Moots titanium) can be expected to last essentially forever. Want it to look like new 5 years later? Send it back to Moots for bead-blasting and it will come back looking like a brand-new frame.

  • I was never comfortable putting a carbon fiber bike into a rooftop rack on a car (clamps could damage or even crush a carbon fiber tube), but with titanium one can do so without undue concern.
  • Since there is no paint to chip or peel (which also adds weight), the titanium just keeps looking good.
  • Want Di2 cable routing or some other modification a year from now? Moots can modify an existing frame a year or 5 years later.
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