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Emerging Research Shows that Health and Wellness Starts with Diet and Exercise and Sleep

Garbage in = garbage out. That is, if the inputs are bad (unhealthy food, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep) then it is virtually a guarantee of poor health.

What’s the point of living a long time if one’s body is not functioning well, so that living becomes incapacity and/or suffering and/or deprived of simply joys?

Emerging research on many fronts addresses brain and nervous system health, cardiovascular health, the immune system, etc. It’s all fascinating stuff. This has been my thesis for some years here on this web site, namely that exercise (cycling for me) and diet are critical. So is sleep, but that can be a tougher nut.

My hope is that Big Pharma and its quest for blockbuster pills does not hurt more people than it has already, by training people to think in terms of pills-are-the-answer—because most of the time, they are not. If all of obese and sedentary America got out and exercised 30 minutes a day and ate a healthy diet, I wonder how many hundreds of billions of dollars would be saved each year. Food and exercise are the best medicine of all.

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Blindness cure?

The *brain* can be a root cause of blindness (not the eyes or not just the eyes). However, sometimes the eyes can be the issue; see Could THIS be a cure for blindness? Revolutionary technique restores the vision of two patients who were unable to read even with glasses.

The title should really be “could this be the cure for one type of blindness”, of course.

- The groundbreaking procedure treats age-related macular degeneration.
- It is the most common cause of blindness - striking 600,000 in the UK
- Both patients were unable to read before the procedure - but could after
- A team of British doctors inserted a patch of stem cells into their retinas

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