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COVID-19 Dumpster Fire: Is the Astra-Zeneca vaccine killing people? Who Should Get Vaccinated?

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it
— Lloyd Chambers

I wonder, is everyone dying by now in Texas? With hysterical fearmongering at the CDC and the anti-scientific COVID death statistics animating festering feckless Fauci*, surely the world is imploding?

COVID policies have been catastrophic for cancer and catastrophic for children and those are only the tip of the iceberg of the massive injuries done to us, with suffering and increased deaths guaranteed for years to come. By policy.

* A politician masquerading as an expert, unable to answer simple questions, and using “the science” only when and how it suits him. Classic case of anti-scientific thinking eg a flawed human being pretending to represent science. Science is a process, not a person or organization or a “consensus” of sycophants.

And now the vaccines...

The COVID vaccines are experimental. That they are killing people is now an accepted fact. Young people! The number of deaths is small (very rare), but unequivocal.

But what happens short of death? The idea that vaccination has either “no issues” or “rare deaths” is a moron’s viewpoint (moron is synonymous with expert from everything COVID teaches us). Side effects are a continuum, and there are surely more issues that will emerge. For example, who can state with certainty that there are not hundreds of thousands of undiagnosed micro strokes caused by the vaccines? And those hurt will be without recourse.

Problem is, the FDA is explicitly not tracking side effects and the vast majority of vaccine side effects are never anti-scientific medical disgrace. And the drug companies are making massive profits. The perfect storm of incompetence, willful ignorance, and greed guarantee Bad Stuff Will Happen. That’s human nature and exceptions to that are the exception, if not imaginary.

On the other hand, the vaccines appear to work, and so lives will be saved—a strong argument for mass vaccination for the vulnerable (obese and elderly). And a VERY strong argument for not halting use of the Astra-Zeneca and other vaccines for the vulnerable. Only.

Yet our feckless leaders shit the bed by halting vaccinations? Who in their right mind would get vaccinated with that kind of messaging?

Oppose vaccines or favor them, but if in favor, don’t halt vaccinations based on failure to use even rudimentary risk analysis of the risk vs benefits. But... maybe there is more Bad Stuff than they are telling us? Either that, or they are what they appear to be: morons unwittingly skilled at maximizing deaths and suffering by bad policy after bad policy.

Risk assessment does not justify mass vaccination of low-risk people. Yet it might justify mass vaccinations of high risk people. What isn’t that analysis happening? We are witnessing the greatest medical ethics dumpster fires in history! And these medical sociopaths are now testing COVID vaccines on children, who have nil COVID risk.

Sebastian Rushworth, MD: Is the Astra-Zeneca vaccine killing people?

17 April 2021

... So, to conclude: yes, several young, otherwise healthy people have been killed by the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

The incidence of this condition appears to be quite low...

However, the system for reporting of vaccine side effects is entirely dependent on three separate steps, and the system can easily fall down at any of the three steps. First, the treating clinician has to know that the patient has recently received a certain vaccine. Second, the clinician has to consider that the patient’s condition might have been caused by exposure to that vaccine. Third, the clinician has to take the time to contact the relevant authorities.

It is well known that most side effects never get reported. So what we are witnessing here could easily just be the tip of the iceberg. As societies, we’ve rushed headlong in to mass vaccination campaigns based on scant evidence. Most people seem unaware that the covid-19 vaccines have been approved based on only two months of preliminary trial data, and that the vaccine trials are still ongoing, and won’t be completed until 2022 at the earliest.

These case series show that a number of previously healthy young people have so far been killed by the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. Considering their age and underlying health status, the risk to them from COVID-19 itself was infinitesimal. For healthy young people it is not at all clear that the potential benefits from the covid-19 vaccines outweigh the potential harms.

That doesn’t just go for the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. It goes for all the vaccines. It is quite possible that new revelations will arrive over the coming months concerning the other vaccines too. Now would be a good time for governments to change vaccination strategies, halt all plans to vaccinate healthy young people, and instead only vaccinate those who are at substantial risk of serious outcomes from COVID-19.

It is unethical to vaccinate healthy young people until it is clear that the benefits to them outweigh the harms. At the present point in time, that is not at all clear.

WIND: ethics in medicine are at rock bottom: young people at extremely low risk for COVID issues are now being given experimental vaccines with unknown and untracked side effect profiles. Junk science driving guinea pig experiments as public policy.

Most outrageous is that children, at nil risk for COVID issues, are being experimented upon with experimental vaccines! Children’s bodies behave very differently, the blood-brain barrier and many other physiological systems are not fully in place, and side effects can take years to emerge.

Why is such a gross violation of medical ethics not just tolerated but accepted without debate as nothing special? Perhaps because ethics in medicine is often window-dressing, having for example a long and sordid history for the big issues, such as assuming that women respond the same as men to drugs. And of vilifying non-drug treatments and all but ignoring nutrition. The whole medical industry is profit-driven, not people-driven.

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