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Media in UK and USA Already Fabricating Lies about COVID Omicron Deaths

Big Pharma Won’t Give Up a Trillion Dollars in Profit Without a Fight, nor will the brainwashing fake-news media, which fuels and feeds COVID terrorism, anger and hate, divisiveness, racial hatred, and so on. That is their business model.

Do we as yet have *any* deaths that can be credibly attributed to COVID Omicron variant? Not to my knowledge as I write this. Omicron might be a gift of all gifts, the universal vaccine that ends the pandemic.

Media Falsely Reports Texas Man Died From Omicron While Government Officials Refuse To Say

A little more than a week ago, we shared a story about how the UK government had decided to withhold information about the first patient to die while being infected with the omicron variant. In the information vacuum, many critics of the UK government's strategy of withholding information, including some prominent doctors, asserted that the patient likely died with omicron, not from it, an important distinction that we have discussed in the past. 

A similar scenario is apparently playing out in the US, now that authorities in Texas have confirmed their first death on a patient who was assessed to be infected with the omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2. Whether that's what actually killed him is another matter entirely.

Now, the Blaze is reporting that officials in Texas are also being tight-lipped about the circumstances of this first death, after the increasingly careless mainstream media blared out the news that an American had died "from" the omicron variant, when that's actually not the case - or at least has not yet been confirmed to be the case. 

Not only did Harris County public health officials initially claim only that the man died with the Omicron variant of COVID-19, a spokeswoman for the county confirmed this is the case when a Blaze reporter followed up later in the week.

To be sure, Harris County isn't entirely blameless for the confusion. On the contrary, they seemingly added to the confusion by releasing a press release with the headline "Harris County Reports First COVID-19 Omicron Variant-Related Death." The sub-heading, however, clarified that the "unvaccinated man with underlying health conditions had tested positive for the Omicron variant."


WIND: sure sounds like many alleged COVID cases—patients are hospitalized for some health issue, then a COVID test is done and bingo—it’s suddenly a case of hospitalization for COVID.

Yu cannot trust anything in the brainwashing propaganda outlets formerly known as “news”. This includes cable/TV/Big Tech. There is also spin/skew/context dropping on everything.

Whether or not COVID Omicron caused any deaths so far sure looks dubious—the details of this not only do not matter to that point, but any claims one way or another are likely to be bullshit.

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