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To Prevent a Revolt by the Public, CDC Changes its Isolation Guidelines?

re: Might the COVID Omicron Variant be a Gift to the World in Disguise?

The COVID pandemic is over. Well, OK, we have 3-6 weeks or so to go as COVID Omicron variant (aka “common cold” variant) runs like wildfire through the population.

We might have 20 million Americans (or more) infected with Omicron within a few weeks. Most will get the sniffles. A few will get very sick and die. That’s life, just like influenza and RSV and the common cold. And life isn’t unicorns and rainbows, just bad government, death, and taxes.

Omicron is the gift we all needed, the vaccination for COVID that actually gives something close to real immunity.

We have about 1% of the tests we need to deal with the surges*. So what are the CDC and FDA to do, to avoid showing just how incompetent and feckless and corrupt* they have been for 18 months?

Easy? Relax all the parameters , which is exactly what the CDC did as of Dec 27, cutting the isolation time in half to 5 days (even for health care workers). Strangely, this web page still has the old recommendation of 10 days as of Dec 28. They’re not even competent enough to update their own web site!

It appears that the idea is to avoid a totally pissed-off population with the sniffles in having their lives shut down for 10 days. Because getting a test is nearly impossible now in some areas. Any potential for embarrasing the parasites at the CDC and FDA means changing Stuff before anyone gets embarrassed. That’s just science!

Fuck me if I’m going to quarantine because of the sniffles. What about you?

Wait—isn’t a surge in Omicron the harbinger of doom as we were warned just before XMAS, as per Dr Anthony 'Sand Flies' Fauci? No, that was a few days ago. The Science™ has changed, you non-MD idiot! Learn to stay with the crowd and follow along properly. Gheesh... WTF is wrong with you?

* So what to do when the FDA has been totally corrupt in not making rapid tests available at least a year ago (no other explanation, I'm talking true corruption involving payoffs of some sort) . BTW, where are the news interviews with the skulking corrupt FDA officials responsible? Why isn’t the media camped-out at the homes of those responsible, and asking questions? Ummm... we don’t have any real news any more.

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