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Certificate of Analysis: RnAReSet ReMag Magnesium Chloride

re: Certificate of Analysis

RnAReSet ReMag Magnesium Chloride

As per my advice to never ingest a supplement without verifying its quality via a Certificate of Analysis, I looked into RnAReSet ReMag @AMAZON, which I have not used for some time now due to high cost. But I did use large quantities of it back in 2020/2021, perhaps a dozen 16 oz bottles in total, getting far more lead than is acceptable.

RnAReSet ReMag Magnesium Chloride COA on company’s website


This comparison equalizes the serving sizes using elemental magnesium of 210mg.

ReMag: 0.651 mcg lead per 210mg elemental Mg (0.465 mcg lead per 150mg elemental Mg)
     Nutricost: 0.0109 mcg per 210mg elemental Mg
Doublewood: 0.146 mcg lead per 210mg elemental Mg

For comparison purposes to the extreme low lead Nutricost product, the serving size of 150mg elemental magnesium in ReMag equates to 0.651 mcg lead per 210mg serving.

The lead content of a 210mg elemental magnesium dose of this product is above the California limit of 0.5 mcg for pregnant/lactating women. Moreover, double that amount is appropriate daily for most adults (eg ~400mg elemental Mg).

The lead content is 59X higher than the Nutricost product.

mcg per 210mg elemental Mg Nutricost MgCl Hexahydrate DoubleWood Magnesium L-Threonate RnAReSet ReMag Heiltropfen Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
Lead (Pb) 0.0109 0.146 0.651 1.066
"Heavy metals (as Pb)" 5.33
Bromide 532
Mercury (Hg) 0.00193 0.0248 0.0014 1.066
Arsenic (Ar) 0.0415 0.0875 0.0252 0.533
Cadmium (Cd) 0.0109
0.0073 0.0014 N/A

I would typically ingest 400 to 600 mg elemental magnesium per day, and in liquid form. With this product, that would give me 2 to 2.6 mcg lead. I deem this unacceptable for my personal situation.

The daily lead intake limit stated by EPA and California is 15 mcg. Add in other sources (food, environment) and it’s not an ideal situation.

What also bothers me is that previous iterations of this product (eg in 2019) had even higher lead levels. The company clearly has not taken the issue of lead very seriously, cutting it barely below the 0.5 mcg per serving level.

Specifications for Heiltropfen Lab Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (NOT a
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