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The New Craze for Medical 'Heroin': Semaglutides + Geezer MD Perspective

re: follow the money
re: assembly-line medicine
re: semaglutide
re: ethics in medicine

I am not a doctor! Do not follow my advice! Trust your drug pusher doctor who does everything solely with your best interests in mind based on advice from those fine people at CDC/FDA/AHA, their paycheck from the institution, etc.

When you fuck with a system designed by nature over millions of years, it is the ultimate in hubris and stupidity, with the Law of Unintended Consequences always coming to bear. In “medicine”, the consequences are known but willfully ignored and/or great lengths are gone to minimize concerns and suppress knowledge that would damage profits. Witness the COVID Jab debacle, statins, etc, and the long and fraudulent history of Big Pharma that court cases prove to a legal standard. The whole system is an ethical sewer.

A few days go, my wife went to her drug-pusher assembly-line medicine doctor*, who wanted to push not only Metformin but also the new semaglutide craze on her. The latter is a ridiculous and irresponsible idea given just slightly high blood sugar easily controlled with diet, as a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) proves.

The Metformin I can understand—it is the standard of abuse care. Rather than eliminate troublesome foods from her diet, my wife, like most others, would rather not be so 'harsh', and therefore the Metformin. Who wouldn’t? Though she is paying attention and trying and has made progress, walks miles every day, etc. BTW, Metformin almost certainly degrades and damages mitochondria, or at least retards their function— a dangerous gamble IMO**.

Her weight is a little high, but for a female of her age, probably more of a plus than minus. She has zero calcium in her heart as per a CT coronary heart scan, and perfectly fine blood pressure, and no health issues. Other than her slightly high blood sugar, which is totally food-driven.

Reckless 'care' — for life

That feckless doctor wanted to put her on a semaglutide for LIFE. Take it for life or you gain it all back minus a lot of muscle, possibly minus your life and other very serious problems along the way. Along with a host of as-yet-unforeseen permanent harms.

First do no harm”, the ideal guiding principle, has been replaced with DEI and racial justice training at medical school, so here we are. And, without going into details, this particular doctor is without a doubt an ideal candidate for that kind of racist indoctrination.

No, Dr Asshole, my wife is not a candidate for medical heroin aka semaglutide. You and your ilk should have your medical licenses revoked and go clean toilets. At least there you could not harm so many people. Better yet, real justice would mean prosecution for medical malpractice, but good luck with that.

Trust your doctor!

Huge profits for harming people

Semaglutides are not going to turn out well. With a profit motive of trillions of dollars over the coming years, you can bet that the major damage they will end up doing will be minimized and suppressed, and heavy weapons will be brought to bear on anyone raising the alarm. Good luck to anyone brave enough to stand tall against this tsunami.

These new semaglutide drugs are the best idea in medicine to come along in a long time... for huge Big Pharma profits. People just love taking the weight off. Never before in medicine has there been such a perfect drug for doctors, patients and Big Pharma profits. Satisfying everyone forever... except the patients everything to lose if anything goes wrong when fucking with a fundamental physiological system.

What kind of kickbacks do this doctor and/or Sutter Health get for pushing semaglutides, directly or indirectly? Follow the money. After all, oncologists are on the take, and that’s what drives the “standard of care” nonsense. Somewhere in that chain of 'care', people are making big money.

IMO: today’s doctors are some of the most dangerous hazards to your health that we have ever seen. Shun them! Run for your life! If it’s not trauma care, stay away from these lying DEI/CRT/justice-trained drug-pushing Nazgul.

* This doctor typifies what happens with ObamaCare having forced nearly all doctors into profit-hungry fascist institutionalized medicine behemoths, following all disinformation dictates by health “authorities”.

** Self-enriching doctors like Peter Attia have a severe follow the money conflict of interest,though in an atypical way. IMO, he is a very smart self promoter dumb enough to rationalize the idea that data is reliable/credible, and therefore a statin pusher like so many others. Let’s see what his judgment makes of the latest claim about statin harms.

Anon MD writes:

…must resist commenting…! Oh, well, I can’t stand it anymore. I’m an ophthalmologist. I’ve been in practice since 1984 and I’m old enough to qualify as a geezer, so to the new generation of docs I’m just an old fuddy-duddy who doesn’t know shit anymore.

I managed plenty of diabetics in my internal medicine training and thousands of them with diabetic eye disease since then. I have always been shocked at the new-onset type 2 diabetics who somehow had the crap scared out of them, got religion, dropped 20-30 pounds, ate better, started a regular often minimal exercise program and their “diabetes” just disappeared. That, unfortunately, is the minority. For the rest it’s an uphill battle. Either they get garbage advice, don’t want to put in any effort, or just want a pill to fix everything so they can continue their self destructive lifestyle - that lifestyle which is promoted by Big Ag, Big Food, and Big Pharma.

And advertised heavily by Tik-Tok and influencers of all ilk. Follow the money is absolutely correct.

We used to joke in medical school that we could solve most obesity and type 2 diabetes with the simple expedient of some 2-0 sutures and a mattress needle judiciously placed to sew the mouth shut. That may work, but it doesn’t fuel the hungry maw of the medical-industrial complex.

At this point I think most docs have just thrown in the towel. Their well-reasoned advice cannot compete against the 24-7 advertising onslaught that confronts patients the remaining 99.999% of their waking hours. And now with pressure from insurers and health plans to spend maybe 7-10 minutes (or even less) of contact time per patient encounter you can see why their financial survival requires they follow a protocol and prescribe metformin or the new drug du jour and boot them out the door. And if you really want to to look hip and cool to your patients, throw in a semaglutide because it’s either on Tik-Tok or Oprah or a Kardashian is touting it, or all three.

To be blunt, curing diabetes would destroy a good chunk of the medical economy and no one involved in that economy is going to stand for that. The only solution for those astute enough to see through this is to do pretty much what you’ve already been saying. To that I would add, turn off your TV, get off all your social media, get outdoors, don’t go to a mainstream grocery store, try to buy food that doesn’t have a label, but if it does, at least read the label before buying it.

Take responsibility for yourself. Educate yourself (but not in the echo chamber of a social media platform). And if you need a doctor, try to find an older one in solo or small group practice. Avoid managed care, HMOs, and large hospital groups. If you do end up getting diagnosed with some bizarre, super-serious medical problem, seek out the very best docs you can find with the help of your geezer doc, but keep the geezer doc for your basic stuff. Having someone who knows you and your medical history long term is worth its weight in gold.

Good luck. You’ll need every bit of it.

WIND: obesity and diabetes are guaranteed free money for the medical industrial complex. Follow the money predicts that nothing will ever happen to cure diabetes. Nor is there any political/legal solution since that is all driven by money. The “news” gets most of its revenue from Big Pharma, etc. The situation looks hopeless.

About once a year, I meet someone with a serious problem, and tell them how to cure themselves (or at least have a good chance at it). What is always startling and pretty incredible , without fail, is that they never heard about any of it from their doctor other than token ideas. I don’t know how such doctors can look at themselves in the mirror each day.

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