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Asthma Peak Week is Here: But Can you CURE your Asthma? I did!

re: asthma

Apparently they are calling it asthma peak week and offering the usual marginal advice to basically put up with it and minimize it.

I am making no claim here other than for myself: my asthma is CURED and has been since July 2020 (3+ years after 34 years of suffering). Never came back. And I’ve had feedback from readers who have done the same.

Will what worked for me work for you? No idea.

Magnesium chloride

Your “expert” doctor will never tell you that for some people (a few, a lot, I have no idea), magnesium deficiency can play a starring role in your asthma. Rather, your doctor is likely to denigrate/laugh/scoff at you for suggesting it, because they are trained to have a closed mind resistant to the radical idea that what goes into your body actually affect how it functions.Decades of my life impaired, and $20K in inhalers because of their feckless incompetence—despicable.

If you do not at least try magnesium supplementation to address magnesium deficiency, then you are batshit crazy, because magnesium is a critical nutrient, and just about everyone is deficient. Please, talk to your doctor first, since everyone has a different situation.

WAIT—do not follow my advice here. I am not a doctor, just a dumb-ass engineer. Just because I cured my asthma doesn’t mean a damn thing—just keep taking your meds.

Stay away from magnesium oxide (nearly useless) and magnesium apartate (excitotoxin). My preference is magnesium chloride, which is just like table salt except that the cation is Mg instead of Na. And you need chloride (Cl-) too. Perfect absorption, no poop-stain problems as with some forms eg too much citrate. Daily supplementation is 300mg to 500mg elemental magnesium (critical point: elemental), but much more is needed to address a deficiency and for many months.

Make sure you use a magnesium that is ultra low in heavy metals.

Even if it does not help asthma (and allergies), it might improve your health in “subclinical” ways—meaning you won’t have serious problems later in life. With rare exceptions, the medical establishment treats disease and you are the grist for their mill.

Mg for more than asthma — heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc

Print out the reference paper here for your doctor, then hand it to them when they mock you for suggesting it:

BMJ: “Subclinical magnesium deficiency: a principal driver of cardiovascular disease and a public health crisis

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