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Milche Cow Medicine: “Eli Lilly launches new platform offering home delivery for weight-loss drug”

re: follow the money
re: assembly-line medicine
re: ethics in medicine
re: semaglutide
re: anon MD

I am not a doctor! Do not follow my advice! Trust your drug pusher doctor who does everything solely with your best interests in mind at his/her/they/them/ze DEI/CRT institution, based on hard (to believe) science from those fine public servants at CDC/FDA and the moral paragons at the AHA/ADA/JAMA/BMJ, etc. This ethical sewer awesome science is the basis for your treatment.

The new semaglutide drugs are a batshit-crazy way to deal with body-fat issues. Serious side effects, muscle-loss, and a lifetime commitment or gain-it-all-back. Quit using it, and you are quickly much worse off, with wasted-away muscles and the fat coming back quickly. And now they are all the rage just for slimming down, not just for true obesity.

Apparently the Rubicon has been crossed; we now actively test Jabs and drugs on the populace by giving them to millions, then seeing who is injured or killed.

Read the previous commentary first:

The New Craze for Medical 'Heroin': Semaglutides + Geezer MD Perspective

* As a software engineer, this looks very much to me like the feckless behavior of shipping what is really a beta-test version or worse to the public (eg Apple macOS Sonoma now in its 3rd major revision in 3 months!), then fixing only the worst bugs over the next 6 months. But unlike software, the consequences of drugs/jabs can be dire.

Anon MD writes in regard to the press release below:

This tidbit landed in my inbox this morning. This is not going to end well. Not only will every shred of privacy disappear (if it hasn’t already),  but the patients will be forever tagged as falling into that “health” class. 

The second issue is that this is a way to get direct to consumer sales and get around the discount system that usually exists if you know how to find it. It also circumvents buying from Canadian sources, which are usually significantly less expensive.

And as for Weight Watchers, etc. now doing telehealth prescriptions for weight loss drugs…

I don’t even know what to say. Bad medicine all around, total system corruption, whores docs as tools of big pharma in the worst possible way. This is even worse that the telehealth cannabis docs and the ones dispensing emotional support animal prescriptions. This is not going to end well. But the good news is there will be so many people taking this crap that the side effects and unintended consequences of these drugs will come to the surface a lot quicker.

WIND: when you fuck with a system designed by nature over millions of years, it is the ultimate in hubris and stupidity, with the Law of Unintended Consequences always coming to bear.

In “medicine”, the consequences are known but willfully ignored and/or great lengths are gone to minimize concerns and suppress knowledge that would damage profits. Witness the COVID Jab debacle, statins, etc, and the maliciously uncaring fraudulent history of Big Pharma that court cases prove to a legal standard. The whole system is an ethical sewer.

There are trustworthy doctors out there, but they are needles in a haystack, with ObamaCare having squeezed-out almost all independent doctors into callous profit-driven institutions, where they can be told how to diagnose/prescribe/“care” and fired at will if they do not comply.

Press release

Eli Lilly launches new platform offering home delivery for weight-loss drug

Reuters (1/4, Leo) reports, “Eli Lilly and Co on Thursday launched a website to enable people to directly order from the drugmaker including its weight-loss medicine Zepbound as well as connect people with obesity and other conditions with telehealth companies.” The service, known as LillyDirect, “comes on the back on extraordinary demand seen over the last year for powerful weight-loss drugs such as Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy.” The company “said its direct-to-consumer service will also be available for patients with diabetes and migraine, with the website’s pharmacy page listing migraine drug Emgality [galcanezumab], insulin and similar products for home delivery.”

NBC News (1/4, Lovelace, Vespa, Herzberg) reports the new website “joins a growing list of platforms like Weight Watchers and Ro offering weight loss drugs through telehealth, but is the first of its kind from a pharmaceutical company.”

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