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Don’t Treat Asthma, CURE It! Magnesium Supplementation has Banished My Small Airway Pulmonary Issues; ZERO need for prescription inhaler for 18 weeks running

re: Reader Comment on Magnesium: “hayfever subsided, asthma much better, cramps subsided”.
re: Magnesium Personal Findings: Brain, Lungs and Asthma, Sleep, Urinary Flow, Muscle Spasms

Update July 2020: back at sea level for a week (where effects of altitude acclimatization are mostly gone), it feels like I hardly have to breathe even riding at a steady 210 watts (my bicycling power meter makes effort level rigorously objective). My heart rate is very low relative the power output. Clearly I am getting notably more efficient oxygen intake—the physiological evidence is compelling—I have tracked my performance for decades including recording power and heart rate for a decade, and what I am seeing is remarkable.

Update August 2020: no need for prescription inhaler for 10 weeks now.
Update October 2020: no need for prescription inhaler for 18 weeks now. If a bad forest fire smoke causes some small airway impairment, 500mg of ReMag takes care of it within 20 minutes and it lasts, unlike a prescription inhaler. My definition of the term 'cure' remains acccurate: unless there is a substantial stressor that triggers a reaction, I have had superb lung function as the everyday baseline. And no inhaler *ever* achieved that in 30 years.

The ReMag magnesium I’ve been taking has my small airways working as good as they have in a decade. That and my total lack of need for any prescription inhaler is unprecedented in 30 years. And it’s especially remarkable given dust and pollen in recent weeks.

Update: I no longer use or recommend ReMag because of the relatively high lead (Pb) content in ReMag. See my preferred choice now, Nutricost Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate.

Best choice for magnesium supplementation

Yesterday, I rode to the summit of White Mountain Peak (14252' elevation) and my lung function was strikingly good. My muscle strength and anaerobic threshold not so much, but those are training issues—none done this year in those areas. However, the spectacular lung function significantly overcame the anaerobic threshold limitations.

Also I was able to breath through my nose (mouth closed) up to about 12800' on moderate grades and even right up to the summit so long as the grade was slight. That too is unprecedented; it means that my lungs are operating at high efficiency. And I have narrow nasal passages / sinuses that have not provided good airflow for years.

Finally, I also found that with only 36 hours acclimatization that I could hold my breath for 100 seconds at 11600' elevation, another indicator of outstanding lung function.

Finally finally: I am no longer sleeping and waking up with a woolly dry tongue; I am able to sleep and breathe through my nose instead of lapsing into open-mouth breathing, a known damager of overall health.

Curing instead of treating your asthma

I’m not saying that sensitive lungs will never be sensitive or that lungs won’t react to heavy pollen loads and such. But between getting magnesium levels up to snuff and perhaps using CBD as well, it might be that the need for prescription inhaler treatment will largely vaporize.

If you’re asthmatic and are assuming you must remain on a prescription inhaler forever, think again. Your condition will surely be improved if not cured by appropriate magnesium supplementation. Moreover, many prescription inhalers like albuterol have serious and dangerous rebound effects as well as losing effectiveness quickly. Dangerous stuff if you can avoid it.

Relying on expensive and risky prescription drugs foisted on patients by most allopathic medical doctors (near-zero training or knowledge of nutrition!), think this situation over and work with your doctor on moving away from prescription inhaler. Be warned however that 99% of MDs are grossly ignorant of nutrition and of magnesium and many if not most will be highly resistant to the idea and might scoff or even dismiss your inquiring mind out their own insecurity and ignorance (and/or harried schedule). And don’t get suckered into the highly unreliable serum magnesium test—see Testing for Magnesium Deficiency.

A chance meeting of an RN who works with dangerous asthmatic conditions

On the way up to the summit of White Mountain Peak, I ran into a fellow adventurer and we chatted for 10 minutes or so. I remarked on how well my lungs were working since I started magnesium supplementation. He (Chris) turned out to be an RN who tells me that they routinely use intravenous magnesium sulfate to treat severe asthma and can watch the lungs open up and relax in short order. It is highly effective and a go-to treatment.

What does that tell you about MDs who keep giving you prescription inhalers while never even discussing treating or curing asthma by fixing a nutritional deficiency? You have nothing to lose by fixing magnesium deficiency and a great deal to gain. If your MD won’t 'deal', seek out another.

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