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Southern Inyo Double Century

Last updated 2016-03-14 - Send Feedback
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Southern Inyo Double Century starts from Lone Pine, CA and is officially 199 miles with 8,100’ of climbing.

This was my first double for 2015 and 2016. Its a good choice to kick off the season, and is followed a week later by Joshua Tree Double Century and two weeks later by Solvang Spring Double Century.

2017 experience

Nearly a month later, scheduled for April 1 2017.

2016 experience

Measured mileage differs from 2015 most likely due to wheel calibration; the course was the same as 2015 and I did do the full course. Official mileage is 199 miles with 8100' elevation gain.

Temperatures were ideal—really not possible to be better: 50° in early morning running to about 75° at the hottest, with 68° or so the average.

As in 2015 I had a flat issue, picking up a small puncture in the front tire that quickly deflated to 20 PSI but held there back to the car a few miles off, but depriving me of the fun of the best descent of the circuit (had to keep speed way down due to mushy front tire). I swapped front wheels at the car and continued. After the event, Stan’s No Tubes completely sealed the pinholes and I used this same wheel/tire (Veloflex Vlaanderen with ~6000 miles on it!) for Joshua Tree Double as well. That’s 4 doubles plus 9 months or riding on that tire!

Wind heading south on the east side of Owens Lake was just brutal. Turning right onto the southern leg around Owens Lake (heading W/SW), it then switched directions, remaining just about as brutal, for a total of 40 or so miles (!) of energy-sapping headwind. On the plus side, the final leg back had a tailwind most of the way, albeit less vigorous.

Given the wind, 2015 and 2016 times are not really comparable, but I felt a lot better in 2016 (not barfy and nauseous at the finish as in 2015). Nor did I have foot pain other than minor stuff, using Giro Prolights again which worked well.

Kilocalories: 7380 (within 10 KCal of 2015)!

Graph shows roll time, not clock time (excludes rest stops).

Power and heart rate with elevation profile for Southern Inyo Double Century 2016

2015 experience

The far reach on the ride was to the border of Death Valley National Park. Here I had to wait briefly for a required sign-in, but I also had to take a 'dump' really badly and no restrooms, so I then had to stop again for relief about 5 minutes later. Somehow this shut me down and broke my mojo; up until then I had been feeling terrific. After that I felt marginal, and later, downright crappy. :;

Later at the high point of the course (mile ~133) I ate a sugar cookie, thus breaking the “never eat untested food” rule. I paid for it dearly with a terrible gut ache for miles 150-200 or so (after the descent).

Something went very wrong in general with fueling and hydration; I lost all appetite and sense of thirst at about mile 140, or rather I had no desire to eat or drink anything of any kind. Even Hammer gel I could scarcely gag down. It was literally having to force myself to eat and drink, but the gut ache made it a very unattractive proposition. The power decline is obvious by mile 150 but actually started earlier around mile 100 (just after the 'dump'). Physiologically I had goofed somehow: clear and excessive urine (overhydration) for the first 6 hours of the event was a constant nuisance. I did take Endurolytes so it wasn’t lack of electrolytes.

Together with painful big toes (new shoes and orthotics, 3 weeks with them prior), the last 50 miles were physically very unpleasant. I had to grin and bear it the best I could and I had to stop and just stand for 5 minutes at about mile 180, which helped. I felt like I wanted to throw up once I finished and it took about 90 minutes before I could eat. But after that, everything went back to normal.

At mile ~120, my rear tire flatted with two ~1/3mm diameter X 20mm long stainless steel wires embedded in the rear tire, just after I had missed a turn and ridden too far the wrong way. Once I got back on course, the good luck was the location—about 1/4 mile from my car (the route crosses back on itself). So I rode back to my car and swapped the rear wheel. Later, Stan’s No Tubes completely sealed the pinholes and I used this same wheel/tire for the next two double centuries as well. Stan’s NoTubes is great for such pinholes, and the tires can still take full pressure with no chance of blowing out the sealant (larger holes get you home with Stan’s, but tend to blow out the sealant sooner or later, re-flatting).

Kilocalories: 7390

Graph shows roll time, not clock time (excludes rest stops).

Power and heart rate with elevation profile for Southern Inyo Double Century 2015
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