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On The Bike Fueling: Hammer Gel

Hammer Gel 26 serving bottle

I stick to the vanilla or espresso flavors of Hammer Gel. I do not like banana in particular, but most of the flavors are good.

Flavor choice is a personal preference, but the longer the event, the less I like flavorings, especially when I become dehydrated.

I will sometimes fill a HydraPak SoftFlask partially with espresso flavor (with caffeine) and partially with vanilla (no caffeine). In this way I don’t take on too much caffeine by using only espresso flavor.

I have never had an issue with Hammer Gel, even on the most extreme rides. It works great, and never upsets my stomach (though banana flavor just does not agree with me in other ways!).

For long events, I like to take primarily Hammer Perpetuem, but it is not always available or feasible. If available, I take most calories from Perpetuem, and supplement with Hammer Gel to keep it more interesting.

The body can take in no more than about 300 calories of carbohydrate per hour, and probably 200 calories for some riders. In an endurance event, never experiment and take in more calories than you know from past experience will keep your gut happy. Know what works before such events.

Near the top of Schulman Grove climb in the White Mountains
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