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Everest Challenge Pre-Race Update 6 (2011)

These are details sent by race organizers, with attention drawn via highlighting to key points and certain items not relevant to the race omitted.

See the key locations page for maps. See also the Everest Challenge web site.

Editor’s view on neutralized section

The neutralized section is a county requirement that is yet another sign of the times: government officials exercising power arbitrarily, because they can get away with it.

It is idiotic because even passing uphill is prohibited. It’s a loathsome abuse of power that increases the risks to racers (forcing a very fast timed descent from South Lake). Race organizers have no choice but to comply.

Everest Challenge Update #6

September 16, 2011


Yes, we can still use your help. Friends, SO, or other non-riding folks. Particularly on Saturday. Send me email or pick up the phone.


The Stage 1 course will be run backwards in 2011 from the traditional direction.

From Millpond to South Lake first, then Pine Creek, then finally the long climb through Lower Rock Creek / Old Sherwin Grade (LRC) to Mosquito Flat.

There is a long story, but the point of this change is the very survival of the Everest Challenge. In order to continue to get permits from Mono County, we need to have riders ONLY in single file on the upper half of LRC. This is simply not realistic at the beginning of the race, as riders are still bunched together. So we have taken the rather drastic measure of switching the first and last climbs of Stage 1. The goal here is to allow the riders to gradually spread out naturally.

You will still have to ride single file, and as far to the right as the roadway allows, for the last 4.3 miles of LRC!! The folks who issue our permits will be on hand, taking pictures and video, and we will only be able to get a permit in 2012 if YOU cooperate.

Yes, it is very strange to have a neutral zone in the middle of a race. But this is a race worth keeping on the calendar, and without permits, there is no race. If you know the course, LRC starts at Pine Creek Rd. just a few feet South of US395. 4.0 miles up LRC is the Inyo County / Mono County line. Shortly, you pass through the small town of Paradise, go by the Paradise Fire Prevention District fire station, and at mile 9.0 you pass Swall Meadows Rd. on your left. This is where the critical area begins.

FROM SWALL MEADOWS RD. TO US395 IS A NEUTRAL ZONE. This is the last 4.3 miles of the LRC climb. Once you are up to US395, there is the one-mile stretch on US395 itself, and the whole ELEVEN MILE CLIMB to get up to Mosquito Flat. So there is still plenty of opportunity to pass your rivals. Just not on that one short section. If we can do this, the EC survives. If not, maybe no more EC. Really.


As always, I welcome your feedback and your suggestions.

More EC info next time, about the course change, Aid Stations on Stage 1, bottles, trash, cutoff times, and the Mono County Roads Department.

Steven P. Barnes
AntiGravity Cycling
Everest Challenge Race Director
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